Lessons learned from Nintendo's 2008 E3

TVGB: "Last year's E3 was one of the poorest on record for Nintendo. Such was the anger and apathy of their most ardent fans, even the mainstream press caught on and deemed the show a failure. The software drought in the latter half of 2008 only compounded matters. This year software support has clearly improved, so if Nintendo really want to capitalize on it, here's a few things they should consider for this year's E3."

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qface643488d ago

i can tell you the most important lesson right now nintendo
DO NOT LET CAMMIE BACK ON THE STAGE her alone just brings everything down
make her go do something else

ChickeyCantor3488d ago

LEts be honest here, its not Cammie, it was the content.
Cammie was alright, i have seen worse.

We know you love her...LOL

LynyrdSkynyrd3488d ago

I learned that Nintendo is milking every drop from the casual audience and is taking a giant turd on us, the hardcore audience.

I'd say theres a 50-50 chance of a good e3 this year.

poopsack3488d ago

"Isnt that just the cutest thing you've ever seen?"

No, Cammie had nothing to do with it...

ChickeyCantor3488d ago

Right, knav.
Lets blame her, while its obviously just the Content shown.
If Nintendo did indeed show the content you guys wanted "Cammie" would'nt be this "bad" to you guys.

hatchimatchi3488d ago

im with sidar on this

it wasn't cammie at all, but the lack of content.

All they talked was sales and the wii music presentation was horrific.

N4g_null3488d ago

I'm with sidar also I do not care who is on stage just the games and data. I mean this is not an election? Why do I care about PR people if they are not promoting my work or the work of others. These guys have not real say so in these games and I'd rather see more women presenting than guys also. The chest beating is getting old.

Sarcasm3487d ago

You guys are all wrong.

It was both Cammie AND the content.

Come on, who wasn't feeling embarrassed for those grown adults when they revealed Wii Music?

Who wasn't rolling their eyes when Cammie Dunaway kept babbling about "cute puppies."

Who wasn't disappointed when Ms. Dunaway bragged about "This is only HALF!!! of our line up" after they showed Pokemon.

Seriously, Nintendo fanboys get with the program.

Not until a new Zelda, Starfox, BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP for the Wii, til Nintendo deserves to get back their respect.

The only game I want for the Wii right now so bad is Punch Out.

N4g_null3487d ago

@Sarcasm what program? After SONY complained about the E3 before and getting embarrassed by the Wiiwhen the public showed up, then the show became mostly an investor hub. I don't care how Ms. Dunaway acts. It doesn't matter to me. I mean really most PR guys are lame in some ways. The only ones I liked was krazy ken and Iwata along with some others. Nintendo has my respect they are a scary good company. They did what many wanted to do, which was expand the market and sell crazy amounts of games. People dump on Wii music but lips and the PS3 eye where pretty lame. Yet Wii sports was actually fun with the family and play actually had some games I will boot up and talk junk while playing, It's like a foussball table at work.

Seriously with the 3rd party games we know about already and there back catalog I'm not really worried about them.

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SpoonyRedMage3488d ago

Well apparently Iwata has had more input this year so hopefully it'll be better.

I think there's already quite a few Wii games to be shown off like Taito's Tact of Magic(which again shows the partnership between Nintendo and Square Enix) so I guess if they have the games to show they just need to concentrate on the presentation.

Spike473488d ago

Lesson #567, When your conference starts to get creepy, then you know you suck.

mirroredderorrim3488d ago

I am passing you the Mcbubbles for that one.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3488d ago


theEnemy3488d ago

Wii gamers have a brain also.

Vicophine3488d ago

This is news to me, they should've announced that at E3.

theEnemy3488d ago

Well maybe they got a little.


Sarcasm3487d ago

And hopefully nintendo realizes the kind of crap they put out like Wii Music isn't going to cut it.

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