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Submitted by skynidas 2457d ago | review

Times Online: inFamous Review

Times Online writes: "Clearly inspired by Crackdown, a rival title, InFamous provides a vast urban world to explore at will, which is half the fun, whether it's leaping across rooftops or sliding along cables. The storyline is strong and the missions are varied. The ailing PS3 sorely needs more big-hitting exclusives and this gritty tale delivers a welcome burst of energy". (Infamous, PS3) 5/5

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pwnsause  +   2457d ago
"The ailing PS3 sorely needs more big-hitting exclusives and this gritty tale delivers a welcome burst of energy".

Whitefeather  +   2457d ago
Also WTF is up with the Crackdown "inspiration" only thing in common is the sandbox gameplay. This has more inspiration from Batman No Man's Land and the Sly Cooper games.
cmrbe  +   2457d ago
Oh didn't you guys know?
Crackdown invented sandbox super hero games. All those other games before it were just a dream.
Jsynn7  +   2457d ago
@ cmrbe
Really? I could sorta remember games with a guy with spider powers who would fight gangs and super villain types and was able to swing throughout this huge city. I remember it coming out before Crackdown. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of it. Oh well,Crackdown sets the bar for all super hero sandbox games!

Information Minister  +   2457d ago
That's the first thing that came to my mind...
Clearly inspired by Crackdown?!... The ailing PS3?!!!!

Who wrote this crap? Aaron Greenberg?
Baka-akaB  +   2457d ago
I know i know ... i expect that even after the upcoming e3 and the continued surge of games from sony and others , some journalists will still goes "oh its nice to have such a great title , the ps3 was really needing one" ....

Like that clown going like "the ps3 needed badly some action game thanks god infamous is here " despite stuff like uncharted and wich likewise will probably write " the ps3 need some action game badly thx god for uncharted 2" while forgetting about infamous ...
PrimordialSoupBase  +   2457d ago
It certainly takes notes from Crackdown and Assassin's Creed. Takes the best parts from each. Sly too, of course, but there's nothing wild about the reviewer's claim.

Kids, stop knotting your knickers.
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brandonk129  +   2457d ago
media bias
has been proven time and time again with gameyradar, this, aron greenburg, etc. just gotta ignore it and wait for it to subside
cmrbe  +   2457d ago
That was just a dream lol!.
ultimolu  +   2457d ago
...Then why do I have eleven exclusives and only seven multiplatform games? I could have sworn they were for the PS3...*stares at system*

Seriously man, were these journalists programmed to say that the PS3 is lacking in games? Are they still stuck in 2006/2007?!

Nevertheless, great score but that boggles the mind.

And Primordial, no it doesn't.
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pixelsword  +   2457d ago
"Clearly inspired by Crackdown, a rival title"
I don't know whether to laugh or facepalm.

I think i'll do both.

How this guy beat anyone out for writing about games on timeonline is beyond me.
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GameGambits  +   2457d ago
Great score, but 100% bull sh*t fail journalist review.

I want someone to take the time to name all the exclusives on Xbox 360 and PS3, then add ones you know are 100% confirmed as exclusives for each console that are slated for a 2009 release date.

You tell me which console needs more big tell me.
arsenal55  +   2457d ago
"clearly inspired by crackdown"?

what the **** is that?
Transporter47  +   2457d ago
yeah seriously guess they never played sly cooper bfore lol
unrealgamer58  +   2457d ago
ok here we go with the ps3 is sorely missing exclusives
happyface  +   2457d ago
they prob mean sony needs exclusives that will sell big which hasn't been happening

will ps triple owners ignore this game too?
cmrbe  +   2457d ago
Happyface is right
in the x360 trolls world. Game sales are also AAA exclusive games they play. Heck they loved to play Gears and Halo 3 game sales which according to them are AAA games.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   2457d ago
the author has been sleeping under a rock the past several months, smoking "down on the X Crack".

The XBox needs upcoming exclusives more than PS3 at the moment, and inFamous is more GTA Sly Cooper while Crackdown's GTA Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction.
Trey4Lyfe  +   2457d ago
God Of War III
Heavy Rain
Demon Souls

do I need to name anymore?
DrWan  +   2457d ago
Yeah more..
Valkria Chronicles (Best game I have played this generation yet)
ChampIDC  +   2457d ago
Better question would be, do you really need to name any? Anyone that pays attention to anything knows the PS3 isn't lacking games anymore. Some people love living in the past.
DA_SHREDDER  +   2457d ago
What are you talking about man? The ps3 never lacked any games. If I remember correctly the 360 just had a few more exclusives but thats only because it came out a year before the ps3 did. The ps3 had games since day one. I was playing God of War 2, Resistance, Motorstorm, and Warhawk the same day I purchased my ps3 in 2007. Then came along Uncharted, Ratchet, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Oblivion, SSDHD, Rainbow Six Vegas in 2007. Im not dogging you, but the argument that the ps3 didn't have any games was only because fanboys acted like Gears of War, and Halo were everything. When in fact they are just overrated turds.

BTW, the ps3 could have 100 AAA exclusives and people would still be saying the ps3 sucks. I dont know whats wrong with these idiots who think they are hardcore yet talk crap about the most hardcore console on the market? Just dont worry about it. As long as Sony keeps publishing games like this then just make sure you keep buying.
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Ron Zook  +   2457d ago
The only thing that will be ailing is this clown's paycheck if he keeps up the shoddy work. What a moron!!
DrWan  +   2457d ago
Inspired by Crackdown?
This game has been in development for 4 years. More like Divergent Evolution. I say probably not inspired by anything other than superhero comic books
killzowner  +   2457d ago
oh god, if this writer thinks the PS3 needs quality exclusives, then what does he think does? the PS2? the ps3s holding the title for exclusives this gen by far, even PC isnt doing this well xD
also yeah more - heavenly sword, GT5P, afrika, naruto, quantum theory, ratchet and clank, TRICO, wipeout HD, flower, wardevil, new ratchet and clank, twisted metal, siren, resistance1&2, L.A noire, motorstorm1&2, folklore, data-fly, brave arms e.t.c those were all the great ones :)
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Bathyj  +   2457d ago
I seriously just laughed out loud.

Crackdown is no rival of inFamous.

Ailing? *SNIGGER*
jarhead906  +   2457d ago
I think you meant 'snicker'.

'Snigger' sounds like a racial slur.
GeoramA  +   2457d ago
PS3 was doomed and had no games, until inFamous came along!

Jesus Christ, the media is so ignorant when it comes to the PS3.
OmarJA  +   2457d ago
Another perfect score, another punch to bots balls.
-MD-  +   2457d ago
This actually doesn't effect 360 owners in any way shape or form but believe what you want...
ZuperAmazingCooKie  +   2457d ago
Learn to spell, Xbot

It's affect, not effect.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2457d ago
8.7 and still going VVV down
have a nice day droids :)
Foxcock  +   2457d ago
Jason 180 n a bit
You see, real gamers don't care about a metacritic score (it's a simple number, nothing else. They'll read the reviews that matter and then make up their mind about buying the game.

The metacritic score is only followed by self obsessed sad individuals like you.

It's meaningless otherwise to us "real" gamers, much like sales numbers.

talltony  +   2457d ago
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...Isn't that BEAUT!

It does effect 360 only owners because they dont get to play this.
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-MD-  +   2456d ago
@1.2- Says "ZuperAmazingCooKie"

What a hypocrite go drown yourself.

@1.5- Actually it doesn't AFFECT (happy f*g?) 360 owners at all considering I own both consoles.
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KKanjiAnkh  +   2457d ago
I traded my gunz in for Force powers
I've been playing this game for 3 days now, and I got to say the score is spot on. The A.I is freakn relentless when you get swarmed. This game has reinstated my faith in Sandbox play, up next Prototype.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   2457d ago
AI is sweet....
and relentless. I threw a bunch of shock grenades, and they immediately retaliated with some of their own, knocking me off the building.
heyheyhey  +   2457d ago
inspired by Crackdown????

so did Crackdown invent the sandbox genre now? and it's a rival title how exactly? i'd say Prototype is the rival title

ailing PS3? the same PS3 that has already gained 2 AAA exclusives just this year, something no other platform has managed?
Sunny_D  +   2457d ago
PotNoodle  +   2457d ago
This is times online, mainstream media - of course they're out of touch.

Just ignore the stupid comments.

Oh and i bought crackdown today, it was cheap - played it for 45 minutes or so... i really don't see the similarities between that and inFamous apart from it being a sandbox game.
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Vicophine  +   2457d ago
This reviewer is an idiot.
Cajun Chicken  +   2457d ago
Inspired by the SUCCESS of Crackdown.

Much better wording if you ask me.
ZuperAmazingCooKie  +   2457d ago
Crackdown? LOL
Crackdown doesn't even hold a candle to GTA4, and you want to compare it to this one? Silly media. As usual, the typical perception of the PS3 comes before the facts.
Spike47  +   2457d ago
Still invalid
Everytime somebody states that x game is inspired or copies y game they end up looking dumb.
maverick1191  +   2457d ago
another perfect score another must have exclusive my wallet is taking a beating this year from sony
Cajun Chicken  +   2457d ago
Well, I just pre-ordered this and Prototype. Finally did it, gonna be a great few weeks also deeply considering Red Faction: Guerilla, but I might wait until it gets cheaper, I sort of learnt my lesson paying full price for Saints Row 2 when the price dropped 3 weeks later.
What a sandbox summer I'm going to have!

Crackdown 2 would make me a very happy guy.
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Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2457d ago
I'm sure he means -

"The ailing ChatBox 360 sorely needs more big-hitting exclusives" ;-D

Good score anyway, really good demo it was to;) Keep it up SONY ;-P
xbollox  +   2457d ago
i loled at the obvious xbot having to review this game and give it a perfect score:

here's some vaseline for ya xb!tch: the 'ailing ps3' has more AAA exclusives this year than the 360's entire lifetime


i hope he's gonna have to review uncharted2, GOW3, GT5 and heavy rain
#20.1 (Edited 2457d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2457d ago
So true!!!;)
The Poor ChatBot reviewers must be CRYING while reviewing these 'AAA' PS3 games!!! ;-D Their ChatBox 360 + Micro$oft have run out of ideas really, must be heart braking for them!!! ;-D

I stick with the PlayStation brand and always get the BEST stuff;)

Oh + i bet he puts the game disc in a ChatBox 360 box to stop his pain!!! ;-D
MetalGearBear  +   2457d ago
if u want infamous really bad!!!
BUY PS3. LOL!!!!
deadreckoning666  +   2457d ago
This is amazing for the PS3.... Killzone 2, Infamous, and MLB: The Show...all AAA. All this an Sony's just getting warmed up!
mirroredderorrim  +   2457d ago
I lol@ at the review because it's from the Times.

Seriously, I would rather watch Adam Sessler give a review in drag and actually take it into consideration, than a game review from the Times.

Shame they didn't give it a 3, I would have loved to left some negative junk about it.
#22 (Edited 2457d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Gun_Senshi  +   2457d ago
it has to be times, even if they gave it 5/5 they have so much errors in review.
Darkfiber  +   2457d ago
I like the part saying that Crackdown was a "rival game". I mean honestly, are these games competing in any way? Is Crackdown going to be stealing sales away from Infamous? That's ridiculous. Oh well, at least it scored well.
Counter_ACT  +   2457d ago
"Inspired by Crackdown"? Wtf?
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2457d ago
Ever notice every time a PS3 game comes out you get alot of popup sites that come out of nowhere to try and up the overall score here at N4G? Some sites just have one review for that game and are never heard of again. About 50% of these reviews of InFamous will never make it on IGN or Meticritic.

Gota love Playstation fans :)
Gun_Senshi  +   2457d ago
didn't you post times when it gave goty listing etc? its not the 1st time its on n4g.

BWS1982  +   2457d ago
Ever notice
how every time a PS3 article comes out, these trolls pop out of nowhere, to try and up the overall appearance of their almighty God, the 360. Some trolls make one stupid comment and are never heard from in that story again. About 100% of their thoughts will never make any sense.

Gotta love trolls. :)
thereapersson  +   2457d ago
There's a reason you don't have a single agree; it's because you made one of the dumbest statements of the day. Continue owning yourself, Jason. We don't mind one bit!

Foxcock  +   2457d ago
Oh Yes
And what a great score......

I feel your pain bots, coming from your gaping ****s.

Another great AAA title to add to my (may i say) fantastico Collection.

You see bots, sales don't concern me..... the games do (what you have a serious lack of)

#27 (Edited 2457d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Narutone66  +   2457d ago
Dont' use that avatar
you might be mistaken for that idiot Foxgod.
Erotic Sheep  +   2457d ago
ROFL! At first I was like "Foxgod? Making a pro PS3 comment?". Then I looked at the name LMAO!

Your avatar is hilarious! Bubbles
#27.2 (Edited 2457d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
darkzodiac55  +   2457d ago
you are a WIN sir
Spike47  +   2457d ago
I have no idea what you're talking about, then again, you gotta love those xbox360 fans
sad delusional bunch, yep.
Socomer 1979  +   2457d ago
Sheesh, I was wondering ?
I made a comment previously where I said my ps3 had it's very own version of crackdown.
Crackdown was a surprise because as simple as it was & tottaly not worth the full retail price but was justified
Because of the halo 3 beta codes. Crackdown was unbelievably fun. You didn't even have to play for the story because all I ever cared about was to get those green orbs to see how powerful the charachter got. I was trying to jump over the ocean.

I'm surprised now with all these perfect scores for infamous.
I guess the game or the story gets really really good. Honestly, just based off of the demo
I thought infamous was just okay. The animation of cole is awesome. Graphically, I had alot of pop ins & I'm a gamer that hates that sh1t. I had cars appear 40 feet in front of me. Will the retail copy have this problem for me fixed? I hope so.

So why all the perfect scores? I have to find out. I am curious to know if cole with have more melée combos. I was not satisfied with the 1 combo I had in the demo. 1thing is for sure, putting together attacks kept me busy for hours & I means hours. Still, defensively the only tactic I found viable was to evade. Yup, hit & run. I don't know if cole will get any kind of blocking power but why isn't there? If I had the ability to conduct electricity I would zap bullets out of the air. Infamous could be a solid 8 game for me but if the story & the powers are being overated I could hit the 7 mark for being as average as spider-man & crack down. It's possible that I'm only going for the uncharted 2 beta & that's a total win. I just know it.

Also, last but not least... The gta4 comparisons just need to stop.
Infamous may have some detail here & there but gta4's liberty city is unmatched even today.
As a total package, the only game that's gonna beat the best in the sand box genre is gta5.
Rockstars engine is phenominal. Playing infamous allows me to appreciate the hard work done
By rockstar. Infamous is a much smaller flashier game. Gta4 is serious... Maybe a little too serious hee hee.
Niko can walk normally but cole can't. I don't know why but he can't. What cole can do is glide so forget walking.

So let's all keep it real in here. Were getting infamous to zap some sh1t this summer & were gonna run the uncharted 2 beta online. Life couldn't be more sweet especially when your gliding on static thru the air.
Reminder: this is just a demo impression. I seriously don't understand why I can't stop thinking about infamous.
I keep wanting to try it again & again. Maybe, it's simply the electricity. While playing I do feel godly. A very vulnerable electric god. Sounds like fun right?
raztad  +   2457d ago
Totally disagree.

Do you want to know why some perfect scores out there for inFAMOUS? is because inFAMOUS is an awesomely enjoyable game (judging by the demo)


Indeed, inFAMOUS demo has given me more fun than all whole GTA4 game, at least after 30+ hours put into it.

Talking about tech, GTA4 got a very good engine. Really good, even though it runs at 640p on the PS3, it looks and feels very good FOR WHAT IT DOES, and that is exactly my point.

inFAMOUS does much more than GTA4. I really hate technical glitches, jaggies and popins, but considering this is the first SP game and considering inFAMOUS is much more dynamics, visceral and physics based game than GTA4 I can forgive those glitches and have a lot of fun with it. That is the goal of playing a game, isn't that?
#29.1 (Edited 2457d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jarhead906  +   2457d ago
I have to agree with Raztad on this one...
The demo alone has been more fun and interesting than the entirety of GTA IV's campaign in my opinion.

While the impressions/reviews of inFamous definitely talk about some of the pop-in you mentioned, that is an extremely miniscule issue when compared to every other aspect of the game.
Sarcasm  +   2456d ago
Seriously, even if Infamous was on the PS2 and just played the way it does, it would already be an instant classic.

I have to say, this is one of the few PS3 exclusives that the gameplay actually outweighs the presentation. And it's not like the presentation isn't half bad either, it's just man, Sucker Punch really nailed down the FUN FACTOR. Something sorely missing from GTA IV, Assassin's creed, etc. And to top it off, Infamous actually has a *gasp* STORY!

So that is why Infamous deserves a 9/10 or higher. It's a great overall package and shows that there are still companies out there looking to make games fun, instead of just going balls out on technical details.
ChunkyMunky  +   2457d ago
raztad, i dont know wat kinda tv ur usin but 4 me GTA IV runs in straight up 1080p but ya the infamous demo was a helluva lot of fun cant wait 2 get it :)
raztad  +   2457d ago

LOL. That was funny man. I wasnt too clear, I guess. Let me explain it a bit better. 640p (on the ps3) is the native resolution of GTA4, but the game upscale up to 1080p. I think Rockstar used some post processing techniques to soften the jaggies, and give quality good to the game. x360 version runs at 720p native though.
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