Kojima's Game Revealed? Not

Koku Gamer writes: "Recently we've been getting teased about Kojima's next project, day after day since the site launched many media sources have been speculating what the project might be. Today a bit of information via has been possibly revealed about the next project. Koku Gamer says nice try Konami"

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Cinotix3167d ago

I don't see it being this game, I mean come on. This isn't something people are hype about plus it's not Kojima developing it.

lociefer3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

thank god its not lord of shadow , wouldve been a great waste of kojima's talents

RemusN73167d ago

Man, I'm the only who thinks that the silouette looks like VAMP? He's even got a knife too...

Ziriux3166d ago

Yea Remus, he kind of does look like Vamp.

lilbudman3167d ago

what a sneaky bastard!!

shazui1233167d ago

im sure lord of the shadows will be great and all, but not Konami great, not MGS4 great and nowhere near Kojima great. i mean come on, hes such a legend, to say this promoting his game after an epic trailer like :L

drdistracto7073167d ago

This isn't necessarily a duplicate as reported by Kareem, its simply a rumor they wrote an article about and gave an honest opinion on its validity

so keep on approving...

The-Director3167d ago

Enough already with speculations and counter speculations , evrey body just wait one week and we all going to get the answer, just relax and go play something.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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