AMD to Win Cyberdyne Systems CPU Contract

TH: "In an interesting move, Friday, Cyberdyne Systems Corporation opened up bidding for its next generation chip production of the much-anticipated "T" line.

The main contenders for the bid are shaping up to be Santa Clara-based Intel, Armonk-based IBM, and Sunnyvale-based AMD. Speculation abounds as to AMD's upper hand in the bid due to its shared geographic location and similar corporate culture"

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Tsar4ever013342d ago

AMD might have a place in making the software BLUEPRINT in helping CYBERDYNE Systems create SKYNET, then skynet will destroy our civiliation just like in the f**king movies, OHHH SNAP!!!

Raz3341d ago

Ok, where's the music and the "You've just been Rick Rolled" message?

JoySticksFTW3340d ago

I'm with Tsar. Should we be worried?

I'd be getting a name change right now if my name Sarah or John Connor

Just saying...

Zeal0t3341d ago

That's the beginning of the end. Someboy should call John Connor so he might stop the development of SKYNET.

Sean Ryno3341d ago

John Connor born in 1984, just like me.

Obama3341d ago

We already have those annoying bots to take care of, now terminators???

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