Bayonetta - New trailer

Platinum Games published an amazing trailer from Bayonetta.

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Mandaspt3463d ago

Waiting to see more from this game at E3.

creamydingle3463d ago

MEH wish she lose the glasses

rockleex3463d ago

She's a librarian pedophile. Its in her rulebook to wear those glasses.

I read about it from this one website that listed the top pedophiles in video games and she was near the top. ^_^

*Don't take it seriously*

Megaton3463d ago

This game is on my E3 list as well. Hoping to see a lot more of it.

ShabzS3463d ago

"Meh wish she loose those glasses"

in the name of all the secretary, teacher, and successfull buisness women sex fantasies in the world... What is wrong with you man?

IdleLeeSiuLung3463d ago

I'm looking forward to this, but not sure about the whole seductive/flirting british librarian look either....

I like the idea of the hair as her clothing though. SEXY!!!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3463d ago

First there was Gears vs Resistance
Then there was Prototype vs inFamous
Now there's Bayonetta vs Darksiders

My money's on tie.

n to the b3463d ago

exaggeration can be fun. esp. exaggerated sensuality. but something about Bayonetta puts me off, even though I realize those thick-rimmed glasses she's wearing are only there for sexiness (obviously it's ridiculous to have an arsenal of hair-attack spells but none for your near-sightedness when you intend to do all kinds of flippin & kickin).

n to the b3463d ago

just figured out what puts me off: this game seems to take itself seriously. over-the-top is fine as long as you do it right. for ex, Crank was actually a great movie IMO because it knew exactly what it was (completely over-the-top action).

missed Crank 2 in the theaters, hopefully that 1 comes to XBL also.

ThanatosDMC3463d ago

So that's how a female Nero would looks like.... ::runs away::

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Homicide3463d ago

Bayonetta looks freaking incredible. I hope this doesn't disappoint like DMC4 did.

Sarcasm3463d ago

Amen to that.

If only DMC4's half of the game wasn't backtracking and had an actual story, it could have been good.

MiloGarret3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Yes, it does look incredible, too bad the protagonist is such a tool. Horrible, horrible design choice!

Everything else is pure awesomeness imo.

samura3463d ago

I wish success to this game's creators, Platinum Games.

They created Viewtiful Joe and Okami.
(back when these guys were in Capcom).

Sarcasm3463d ago

It looks like they took the talent with them, as this game is looking very polished. The animations, effects, overall art style is up there with the best.

DevilVergilX3463d ago

also made the FIRST DMC!!! so I have faith in him. But I also thought dmc3 was better because of 1 thing lol vergil..

butbutbuttehcell3463d ago

Yeah does look very good and these guys are some of the coolest devs just based on their past achievements. Okami was incredible and Viewtiful Jow was wicked 2. I reckon this game will be awesome

Freakwave0033463d ago

Gameplay looks really fun.

7thNightvolley3463d ago

yeah i agree to that .. man right now i am stoned and this shyt.. just gave me trips... bayonetta baby.. loving the game...

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