inFAMOUS Review: City of Saints and Madmen

It's possible to clean up each of the maps and establish safe zones that nullify most re-spawns by signing up for side missions. These offer dozens of low-repeat incentives to fool around between the main story. They're also fairly creative: Stalk a courier without being spotted. Disable surveillance equipment tacked to the sides of a building. Escort criminals who'll try to escape en route. Trail the electric green afterimages of criminals to their source. Find a hidden package using only a photograph taken from a wonky angle. Even the "protect a pedestrian" cliche has a twist designed to minimize frustration - instead of dying, they'll go to ground, or if they're injured, simply need to be healed once you've mopped up. The spotlight's always on you, in other words. You're in danger. You could die. Not some aggravating albatross that careens stupidly into the line of fire and botches the mission time after time.

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A PC magazine reviews inFAMOUS. Interesting.