Ninja Gaiden Sigma First Level HD

Here is an HD video of the opening level of Ninja Gaiden Sigma. (SD embedded)

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UrbanJabroni4279d ago

This really isn't meant as a PS3 flame, which is how it will be interpreted unfortunately, but to me it looks like a slightly more polished black (in this video). I can see all the new stuff they are doing, but it really is a testament to the original game as to how amazing the graphics were. This title, even without the updates, could stand toe-to-toe with a lot of the stuff I've seen this generation.

In summary, the PS3 is very powerful, I'm NOT saying it isn't. I am not making a comparison to the 360. I'm saying that _to me_ in _this video_ it looks a lot like black, which was an _amazing_ looking game.

Let's see if that disclaimer does anything to stop me from being flamed.

techie4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

lol...I'm guessing you havent watched the side by side comparison. Watch it in HD as well dude...

This is far superior to the xbox version. No jaggies. 10 times as many pollygons. 1080p 60fps. Real-time self shadowing (hasn't been done before, not even in Gears of War). This game would look just as good as on the 360...and well when it gets ported over. So look again.

(your disclaimer was noted, but just wanted to prove you wron...that your memories of the original game are slightly rose-tinted)

uuuunvnv24279d ago

it does look alot better than the xbox version, but i honestly think it should look better. it looks the same but with a little polish, and more colors.

techie4279d ago

ok i wont convince you. But watch it in HD. I'm only defending the game itself, not the platform it's on.

But there are some things in this game that have never been done before in any next-gen game. Honestly everyone at IGN and gamespot have been so impressed with it, saying it's one of the best looking games they've seen. So I guess seeing it in SD doesn't show it off.

StrboyM4279d ago

id say that if you havent played the original ..enjoy, if you have played it.....uhmm..enjoy!

DrWan4279d ago

Are actually looking forward to this, because alot of PS3 owners were PS2 owners and they have never had the chance to play it.

But from that video...does it suffer from a possible camera problem??

made4278d ago

It's the same type camera angle they used in the original game. I am actually playing through the game again right now and it's really not that big a deal but there have been one or two times when it has frustrated me.

As for the video it looks amazing, it almost makes me want to buy a PS3 but alas I am a broke college student at the moment lol

TR0N4279d ago

...get me hyped-up for Ninja Gaiden II on the 360. I'm expecting the graphics to blow the ones in this video completely away (Think Gears of War)

jackie chann4279d ago

Looks ok but not what I was expecting, I was thinking something more along the lines of the giant leap the resident evil remake did on gc.

This still looks ok though and it's probably work in progress. My only concern was the framerate but that's probably just the camera they used to record it.

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The story is too old to be commented.