EndSights: Velvet Assassin Review

EndSights' Nate Seites:

"It's hard to get stealth games right. With games like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell doing it so differently, it's hard to say which game does it the best. Velvet Assassin doesn't try to re-invent the stealth genre, but it does go back to the old school ways that make it rather challenging, intense, and satisfying."

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WildArmed3167d ago

this game a 360/pc exclusive?

Xi3167d ago

What exactly is your point.

WildArmed3167d ago

why is this in the ps3 section.
not here for a flame war if thats what u were thinking.

chidori6663167d ago


dannyhinote_133167d ago

Sorry--the game in the editor shows it as PS3/360 (or I'm just blind and dumb, which is also a probable answer as well)

Can't really edit it at this point though.

WildArmed3167d ago

don't worry about it then xD
people at fault are the people who approved it
I mean thats why we have ppl check articles out >_<

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