PlayTm Review: iNFAMOUS

Playing as delivery guy Cole, you're imbued with special electrical powers when a package you're delivering turns out to be a bomb that levels several blocks in Empire City. With the city then pitched into darkness when the main power grid goes down, chaos ensues as the anarchic, hooded Reapers crawl out of the woodwork and start indiscriminately shooting people and taking them hostage. It then falls to Cole and his dramatic, high voltage powers to restore order to the streets of Empire, whether it's through brave, lawful and heroic means or reckless, destructive and criminal actions.

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IzKyD13313192d ago

Wow, so far there hasn't been one "bad" review of this game (gamesradar gave it a 7/10, but to me that's not a bad game)

Gue13192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

After so many good scores how can they rate the game with a 6 or 5's and still put a straight face? It is more damaging to give it a 7.

i3eyond the Circle3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

This is the fruit of in house exclusive support.

3rd place in sales.

1st place in quality titles.

Which one do gamers prefer?

The Ps3 is the only system on the market that gives gamers the feeling of overwhelming optimism.

On the 360 gamers are just happy to see what game is next. On the Ps3 the question is..what can Sony do next?

From plain sight you see Ps3 exclusives going from not enough in a bad way onto not enough a good way.

Sony Computer Entertainment and its developers are ignoring the pish posh and doom articles proving them all wrong with every game published and created by there studios.

Bathyj3192d ago

Dont get too hung up on this 3rd place thing. It might have mattered when PS3 had only 10M sold be its pretty irrelvant now. Releasing a year later doesn't mean slow sales, quiet the opposite. Its sold just as quickly but without all the advantages XB had like NO competition.

If being 3rd in hardware sales mean getting the best games, then colour me bronze.

i3eyond the Circle3192d ago

Color me bronze indeed.

Bathyj I couldn't of said it better.

Bubbles to you.

ActionBastard3192d ago

I think Sony would really give a sh!t about 3rd place. If this was a 3 or 4yr race, sure, but the PS3 will still be hanging around long after the Wii 2 and Xbox 720 debut. If 3rd place means I get to play Trico, God of War 3, Fat Princess, Heavy Rain, Ratchet & Clank, MAG, Kojima's next game, Uncharted 2 AND have free online and Home...color me bronze indeed. Bubbles to you both! God I love the PlayStation....

Why o why3192d ago

save me some of that 'Bronze' Bathyj. Games over head starts i say;)

Bathyj3192d ago

Maybe that should be the new marketing phrase.

Its better than "Play Beyond."

Jeff2573192d ago

I certainly dont care where the PS3 is in sales as long as Sony keeps giving us new and great games like this. So many people naysayed Sony when 3rd parties were seeing they could make more money going multiplat. The folks at Sony sat back and put their money into their 1st and 2nd party studios to ensure the PS3 would get great exclusive titles that would cover all genres. Sony is on the right track by doing this and now its starting to show. The games are flowing one right after the other. People arent asking where are the games for PS3 anymore. Instead they are asking where am I going to get the money to buy all these games. My wallet might be hurting but Im having a great time.

boodybandit3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Excellent comment!

BTW awesome avatar Private Pile.
Full Metal Jacket was incredible.
2 favorite scenes John Wayne and Pile "This is my rifle."

TheRealSpy023192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

wtf is wrong with sony fanboys? don't you people have anything more important than a game console to give blind support?

hate to break it to you, but sony exclusives aren't any better than anything else on other consoles.

and infamous isn't some shining example of what the console is capable of either. it's a good, fun game (just finished playin through the demo twice). that is all. it's not going to get game of the year, it's not going to win awards for reinventing the wheel. it's an average looking game with some cool game play elements.

you guys sound like you're going to cry with happiness because ps3 has some good games. my god, let the insanity go. just enjoy the games that come to the console and stop acting like you belong to the church of PSX.

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Gue13192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

inFamous reviews are like no name websites against the big and recognized ones...

Every big magazine and website have scored the game with 9 or above and when I say big I include IGN, GameSpot, GameInformer, 1up, etc and every small site it is like giving the game a 7 (eurogamer / gamesradar) or flat 8. It is like they can't get over their fanboyims. Well, for some reason they aren't big and recognized right?

Panthers3192d ago

I wouldnt call Eurogamer small, but dont worry about it. This game is getting a lot more 9s than anything else.

s8anicslayer3192d ago

I think most importantly this gen from sony is the diversity and originality in new IP'S, so being in 3rd place in a console race is meaningless, whatever the case it looks to be a very good year for gamers this year as their are many great games to look forward to.

Saigon3192d ago

that statment about investing in new IP's is the key part to Sony's strategy...people forget that this is the reason why Sony has been successful...they have pulling the same strategy since the PSOne days...and I don't expect it to stop anytime soon...with the amount of games coming out this year that have AAA written all over them...Sony is in perfect position to take this market, again...

based on that statement...this is why MS strugles to really make a dent in the market...that statement is the reason wwhy their system is classified as an all out shooter console...I admit they are trying to diversify their console...but pick up exclusive rights and timed exclusive rights to known IP's does not help...

Godmars2903192d ago

MS is doing nothing to improve their brand name by claiming - buying - exclusivity w/o proving or even trying to prove any technical basis for it.

It says something that while LBP or MGS4 are possible on the 360, that they wouldn't be the same as on the PS3.

s8anicslayer3192d ago

@saigon, your right and thus why MS has gotten some big name sony exclusives namely FFXII, and GTA4 to name a few,the new sony approach is lets invest in being original is great and is working pretty well amd I can't say it enough I love these new IP'S

Godmars2903192d ago

Nice seeing review scores not going all over the place. Means they might actually be worth something this time around.

aldesko3192d ago

Yep, the game's mainly getting 85-90s, like the Sly games did IIRC.