Gamereactor inFamous Video Review

Thomas Blichfeldt from Gamereactor provides an insightful video review of inFamous.

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CoxMulder3489d ago

Great review.

A 9 from Gamereactor across all of Scandinavia? Nice.

Now, Mr Retailer, break the street-date already and send me my copy!!

pain777pas3489d ago

Really good review. This games seems to be full of win.

Tykis3489d ago

seems to be a love it or hate type of game.

PotNoodle3489d ago

I don't know.. we've only had 1 review below 8/10. Hardly love or hate.

krauler3489d ago

I haven't yet seen a "hate it" review. The lowest I saw was a 7 out of 10 and thats more of a "meh" then a "Hate it"

Too_Hyped3489d ago

The game is AAA. Only reviews below 8.5 are the two 7 from the MS fanboy websites eurogamer and gamesradar.

Those sites are well known for their anti PS3 bias and multiple MS fanboy silly articles.

So it's more a 'Love it or love it' kind of game.

Bathyj3489d ago

Yeah, nice try buddy.

Just played the demo. The only hate would be for yourself for not buying a PS3 by now.

SevWolf3489d ago

well it all depends on taste, ive played the demo in the weekend, then bought the game today, cause im currently in the middle east so they can break the street date, and for me...I am really enjoying it, its gameplay is addictive, lol at gamesradar for saying the controls are bad...I havent seen this gd of controls since...well GOW(godow)...I am really liking it
*goes off to play some more*

pain777pas3489d ago

@Sevwolf I agree. GoW came to mind when playing this game as far as tight controls and nailing the feel for the character.

7thNightvolley3488d ago

is play the demo u wont be the same again its freaking WICKED... the attention to detail in this game .. makes me freaking just jawdrop.. its beautiful..

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-x.Red.x-3489d ago

when will the torture stop!

i3eyond the Circle3489d ago

Look at the inFamous reviews..........

Can you not see it?

What game with Sony Computer Entertainment anywhere on the box has been underdeveloped or cheap Unreal Engine trash?

How can a system that is in 3rd place and destined for doom always give us top notch titles.

Every time a Ps3 exclusive is released and the 360 fans click on the review link to see a 9+ score it sends a sharp pinch into there heart.

That's the feeling of MSFT laughing its way through your bloodstream with a fat wad of cash with a money clip made of pure bacon fat.

pain777pas3489d ago

Its all about bang for your buck and you get that with the PS3 no doubt about it.

Hallucinate3489d ago

meh game is better then your game nananananana

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