x360a Review: Halo Wars' Strategic Options DLC

x360a writes: "Despite the closure of long standing and well respected Halo Wars developer, Ensemble, Microsoft have stayed true to their word regarding post release support for their impressive console RTS title. With the first of what we presume are many content updates, Halo Wars' Strategic Options downloadable content focuses purely on the multiplayer aspect of the title, adding 3 new modes for 800 Microsoft Points.

The first of the three modes included and possibly the standout mode of the pack is Keepaway. An RTS slant on the traditional capture the flag game-type which really makes for some interesting moments. Players start the match as usual steadying themselves for the upcoming combat when after a minute a sentinel flag will spawn in the middle of the map. Players must pick up the flag and then instead of taking it back to base, must run the clock down to score the point. If the flag holder is destroyed, the flag will respawn with a fresh timer and the action kicks off again..."

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