Forza Motorsport 2 Demo Comfirmed for April

Here is the print-out from the newest OXM that confirms the FM2 Demo.

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Mr Murda3681d ago

This is great news. Spring is going to be pretty sweet this year.

-New Halo 2 Maps
-Halo 3 Beta
-Forza 2 Demo

Excellent content,and you can get all of it for $4. ;)

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3681d ago

we don't need no stinking DEMO! ITS FORZA 2,'nuff said. ;~)

power0919993681d ago

Although I am patiently waiting for this game, I will believe it when MS, and Turn 10 announce it.

This does not look offical at all to me. Hopefully it is though.

Marcello3681d ago

It says as usual its free ?? but to me its not free, i dont play online so i dont have a Gold membership so if i wanna play it i need to lay down 20 bucks or wait a week or 2. Sony thankfully really do give all demo`s for free to everyone on release day. i am no fanboy just stating the facts.

uuuunvnv23681d ago

yea but sonys service sucks compaired to live.

T-Virus3681d ago

Watch thoe bubbles go riiiiiiiiight down now.

Theo11303681d ago

why the hell else would you bring somthing obivious as that? We all know that live cost money you retard

Marcello3681d ago

Yea but its free and i am sure it will improve given time and once HOME is up & running althou with Sony recently it wouldnt surprise me if they shot themselves in the foot like with there Euro BC plan :/

frostbite063681d ago

I just want to know where he pulled "20 bucks" from. You could just pay for a month of gold and download it(you should just pay for a year b/c live kicks ass, but thats not point).

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matt19913681d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.