Electric Playground Review: iNFAMOUS

EPG writes: "Why does this game appeal to me so much? I love open world games, especially when they decide to completely drop the pretense of realism, and just give you crazy abilities and encourage you to use them without restraint on their virtual streets. Saints Row 2 remains a favourite of mine for that reason. InFamous goes further by giving you Marvel/DC level superpowers before turning you loose. That's why InFamous is a hit with me."

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Mario183492d ago

Another 9/10
Let's keep the 9 and 10's rolling in.

xwabbit3491d ago

I rlly though that with the name electric playground this game would get 10 LOL

raztad3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I was expecting a 10/10 from these guys. You know ELECTRIC playground and inFAMOUS is electric :D It sounds like a bias to me.

Seriusly talking,

I agree with the reviewer about inFAMOUS being all about fun and less about "realism". I'm wondering if bystanders's wierd animations in inFAMOUS are on purpose or just lack of polish? the way some guys walk is just LMAO. Even if they are lacking polish I dont want them to change :D it is extremely funny.

slave2Dcontroller3492d ago

Yer right star. Electric Playground and inFamous is electric. LOL. That was a good one

DFogz3492d ago

Can't wait until Tuesday! :p

CaptainKratos3492d ago

and i want to pick this game up!!!after beating the demo i wanted to keep going!!!im already broke and in debt but i can make an exception.

NNNW3491d ago

It's SOOOO much better. Right now I'm taking a break after a 6-hr straight play through, suffering from a damn headache haha

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The story is too old to be commented.