Top 25 Common Mistakes Gamers Make

It's OK to make mistakes, even ones that cost you multiplayer deathmatches. The following 25 blunders represent the most boneheaded and clueless errors in video games, from voiding a warranty to taking cover behind an explosive barrel.

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Mikerra173199d ago

I think I have 10 game files for oblivion and 7 for fallout

UnSelf3199d ago

my #1 would be reloading to often. ill shoot 5 bullets at a person and he'll die and ill immediately reload to jus come across someone wit a fresh clip

TheAntiFanboy3199d ago

I'm also guilty of #7. I have over 100 FarCry 2 saves... and they're all of one playthrough too.

Well, I guess I can blame that on QuickSave making a new game file every single time you use it...

Elimin83198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

LOL.... Priceless.

"Excellent marketing, intriguing cover art, doctored screens and Internet hype can turn any potential toilet flusher into today's". "hit." So true.

and N4 g is lame... Won't even let me type in "today's" "hit" without a character between s and hit. I mean seriously "space" or any character in between s and hit does not spell Sh!t get it right N4G.

Mario183199d ago

I wonder how many people bought Guitar Hero without the guitar.

TheAntiFanboy3199d ago

I bought it without one because I already had an RB2 guitar. I'm exempt!

Raoh3199d ago


why not just list them into one or two pages.. i hate when i accidentally click that site.. each page has about 2 or 3 sentences for a total of 27 pages? GTFOH

The_Firestarter3199d ago

I know, right?! Wtf is that all about? Grrr

Unicron3198d ago

Free hits. Online games "journalism" is a business like any other. Hits = ad revenue.

killa916063199d ago

I never do the 2nd one but I always do the 1st one......

leyego3199d ago

are u kidding?
that list was a waste of time
it doesn't take more then 2-3 pages to write up a list like that.

did anyone else notice the excess of xbox360 snapshots used other then me?

MiloGarret3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

It had some fun stuff, don't take it too seriously.

I like the fact that "20. Running their mouth" had nice big picture of Geow above it, soooo accurate.

I thought "14. Choosing the hardest difficulty first" was stupid though, I almost always choose the hardest available setting because I like a challenge and don't mind dying a lot. I've only regretted it a few times.

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The story is too old to be commented.