Nintendo cripples DS' R4 piracy threat

Finally, eBay and Amazon ban sale of illegal cards; 411,000 dodgy devices confiscated

Nintendo has revealed a major breakthrough in its fight against the pirate cards that are wrecking DS software revenues – as online giants Amazon and eBay finally agree to prohibit the sale of the devices.

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hitthegspot3493d ago

too little too late for the DS. Hopefuly this will help the DSi's future...

D4RkNIKON3493d ago

I definitely agree with you, This is a major step for Nintendo tho to keep these from spreading to new customers, or just make it that much harder to get a hold of one. I mean 411,000 of them were confiscated, they must feel like they made a difference.

gaffyh3493d ago

They've limited it, but by no means have they crippled it. You can buy the cards from high street stores

LeGenDx3493d ago

i barely play my ds, i gave it to my brother

Yi-Long3493d ago

... is because of the R4 card. Many people who otherwise wouldn't even have thought about buying a DS, bought one cause they know they can just download games for it. Same with the PSP btw.

I can understand Nintendo's wish to keep all those R4 cards from the public, cause it's hurting software sales, but you can't neglect the fact that if the DS wouldn't have had that R4 card, many people wouldnt have bought the system in the first place, meaning no software sales from that people what-so-ever.

Those people who would only buy a DS (or PSP) that's 'modded', will still only do so when it comes with the R4 card. I'm pretty sure that still won't be too hard, even after these actions.

danny_chan893493d ago

R4 Defiantly is popular, my little sister even uses one o.O

Yi-Long3493d ago

... an R4 card is just a whole lot more customer-friendly: you have all your games and saves on 1 card. That's perfect. Same goes for the PSP btw.

josh143993493d ago

lol i ordered an r4 on tuesday but its alredy been dispatched

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The story is too old to be commented.