Bad Company 2 Trailer & EA3 Video

Planet Battlefield writes: "We also had some hands-on time a couple weeks ago with both BF1943 and BFBC2 at EA3 and spoke with Karl-Magnus Troedsson, Patrick Liu, and Gordon Van Dyke. A short video from the event is posted below."

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Green Lantern23464d ago

The graphic look amazing i can't wait to see how this game look when it done.

bullswar3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Graphics looks amazing when compared to outdated low rez MW2 graphics. Did u see the view distance ... outstanding. Basically COD4 was best fps before and Im afraid this time with the release of MW2 it will easily lose to BFBC2 superb massive gameplay maps with excellent graphics and BFBC2 will definitely take the crown this time.

Sorry IW ... if only you would have done something about MW2 rather then sitting on your ass and munching monthly salary for doing nothing.

die_fiend3463d ago

Do they? They look pretty darn similar to BC1...which were pretty good but I can't see how these look amazing. I'm a big BC fan btw, just don't get what you people are looking at...

thewhoopimen3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

uh dude its the exact same game as the first one. Download the video and look at it. It looks nothing like the teaser trailer. There is no mocap, no real physics destruction, or improved graphics. What there is, is new maps, new vehicles, and maybe new airstrikes.

I loved the first game but I really hope EA doesn't charge $60 for what is essentially an expansion of the game. will there even be a SP mode this time around?

BLuKhaos3463d ago

"I loved the first game but I really hope EA doesn't charge $60 for what is essentially an expansion of the game. will there even be a SP mode this time around?"
That's exactly what worries me about MW2, too bad Activision will do exactly that.

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scottyd3464d ago

make sure you check out the 2nd video on the page. it shows off screen footage of BFBC2.

bullswar3463d ago

Im just wondering ... if offscreen grapics are looking so awesome ... how would they look when I'll play on 1080p tele.

sak5003464d ago

Great this gave me shivers. I remember playing BF2142 to death. I believe the port valdez name is from BF2142. Great news for PC only users as well. I hope the achievments are on pc version also as i will buy that as well.

Good job DICE can't wait.

Milky3464d ago

woah that quad bike looks so so fun! Gonna get this definitely, september right?

AstroZombie13464d ago

No Q1 2010 so anytime between January and March next year.

darkgunner3463d ago

Why the disagree? Pretty sure it is 2010.

fingazblank3463d ago

Release between january and march??? i thought it was a summer release...

No Jets, damn was hoping for this.

I hope prone is in here.

The graphics looks great.

Medic class, pukka. Defib superb

Hoping for the m4, not that 416 anglo thing.

Hope heli's are better, but if the same as the first one then no problems, i like em.

scottyd3463d ago

Summer release is BF1943 and BF Heroes.

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The story is too old to be commented.