Team Fortress 2 patch fixes Sniper/Spy issues

Valve has released a patch for Team Fortress 2 fixing several issues that spawned from yesterday's Sniper vs. Spy update.

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darkgunner3465d ago

Same, Valve are awesome.

Now just update the 360 version Valve please :)

monkey6023465d ago

I registered with Steam yesterday and bought TF2. So far I have to log in every 2 mins because my "steam ticket expired" and when I am logged in TF2 wont install because "servers are too busy to deal with my request" What the F**K ?!! Some great this is

If anybody knows of any way I can solve this please message me.

Steam ID = DarkHorse602

I'm not completely new to TF2, I have the orange box on 360

M_Prime3465d ago

as it says... the servers are overloaded... too many people on at once.. it happened many times when CS SOURCE came out..

i haven't played on my steam in months and had to format my PC so i gatta download everything again.. but i've been around for along time.. and i feel bad that i didn't download GARY'S mod when it was free... a lot of stuff on my steam is free but if you want it now you have to pay.. the good old days of free MODS... hell i even have a 6 digit steamID..

also.. if you like team based games i had a really good time with SOURCE FORTS.. where you spend 10 mins building your base from panels... and then playing the maps you built.. red vs blue and of course with a few classes using HL2 weapons.. the grav gun was used for building and it was an engineer tool to fix broken panels or if you were good to take apart the enemy fort and steal their panels.. so fun.. (it was cap the flag every game)

another one is FORTRESS FOREVER where they remade TFC in source.. though after playing TF2 i couldn't play FORTRESS FOREVER cause TF2 is that much more awsome.. hell i used to play TFC when there were no teleporters available and they were modded in..

damn i love my HL based GAMES!..

i own orange box for PC.. and 360 (on sale $20) and i own HL2 for the pc when it was released... so in theory i bought HL2 3x.. its just so awsome..

monkey6023464d ago

Cheers man,
I just wondered after 24 hours of overloaded messages that maybe something went wrong, mostly because it kept getting me to sign back in when it wasnt even logging me out to begin with.

All is good now though, I'll just let it download/install while i'm out tonight

Pandamobile3464d ago

I really hate the new update system.

Items are randomly distributed, but newer players have a higher chance of getting an unlock.

I've totaled almost 1000 hours since September of 2007 on TF2, so I have a 1-2% chance of getting an item every 5 minutes in a server.

New players have a 5-10% chance.

I've played about 15 hours since the update release on thursday and I've only aquired 2 items...

Thanks Valve, for rewarding your dedicated players.