Giant Bomb: inFamous Review

Giant Bomb writes: "But it's the quality of the central action in InFamous that I keep coming back to. Everything else would be fancy window dressing if Sucker Punch hadn't nailed the basic gameplay elements, the simple moving and shooting, as precisely as it did. InFamous feels like a game designed from the very ground up to be fun to play, so I guess it's no surprise that as soon as the credits finished rolling on my good version of Cole, I started up an evil one to play it all over again".

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hatchimatchi3492d ago


can't wait for this game

Ninver3492d ago

Same here. Unfortunately us Aussies don't get the Uncharted2 beta code which sucks big donkey balls. Man Sony Australia sucks.

DaTruth3492d ago

Those are some King Kong balls! Glad to live in the better third of North America!

BYE3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

@Dirty Beaver

It's almost impossible to get one anyway.

The code is limited to a small amount of copies.

3492d ago
3492d ago
Ninver3492d ago

Yeah i'm sure. It's ridiculous. Sometimes i really wish i didn't live in a country that is so far behind in technology and, well everything really. My most anticipated game (Uncharted 2) and i can't even get the chance to appreciate the awesomeness of drake :(

Please if anyone has or gets an extra demo code, please be a gamer and let me in on the action. Game On.

s8anicslayer3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Great review, I can't believe gamesradar gave this game a 7/10, after all they are very generous with reviews, my only gripe with the demo was the confusion when trying to grab on to something will trying to do some tasks, camera gets a little confused when in tight areas, minor issues but based on the demo I loved the graphics, gameplay, and story and my feeling is the game is a 8.5 or better

ThatCanadianGuy3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Well, for those that care, Message me on the Beta launch day and i'll make a new account for the Beta.People can download it from my dummy account. (If that actually works)

pain777pas3492d ago

This game is fun and I cant wait to know more about the story in the game but I know this is going to sound geeky but I didn't really want the demo to end and it just does and your like I have to get this game next week. This is a 3d game done right all devs take note to what Sucker Punch has done here definite Nintendo quality stuff here and a mature cool character and theme too.

Briyen3491d ago

long live giant bomb!!

Buttons3491d ago

Great score for a great game

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raztad3492d ago

Playing the demo right now, second time. This game is more fun each time you play it. AWESOME game.

goflyakite3492d ago

Yep, I've already played through the demo fully two times today, with a little extra playing around too.

Vecta3491d ago

I've been playing the game all day, on to the second island, definitely a good game and worth a purchase, reminds me of crackdown.

zoneofenders3492d ago

come on EDGE
eurogamer and gameradar has already show us their cards........

Raoh3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

LOL check out that bumb at gamesradar's info

i wonder which console he likes the most?

also he feels the need to defend his review which by the way, he hates what everyone else likes....

fanboys should not be allowed to review the competition, or review anything at all for that matter

TheRealSpy023492d ago


also, i didn't know it was against the rules for someone to have a system they prefer?

i have 360 and ps3. i like my 360 a little more cuz i, personally, prefer the 360 controller and xbox live. doesn't mean i'm bias against ps3 exclusives. just means i'll buy more 3rd party titles for 360. how is that a crime?

cmrbe3492d ago

Who said it was a crime?.

Raoh3492d ago

the crime is that reviews are used to help people decide on buying a game or get an opinion from someone who has an opportunity to play a game before the release.

but when your review is biased then your review is nothing more than misleading article used to discredit the competition.

so yeah, BUMB.. want to have a favorite console? no problem. write up a blog, or come here to N4G or other sites and discuss it. by all means bring up points and arguments. but to be a biased reviewer is just sad.

Sarcasm3492d ago

Reviews can be subjective, but the main purpose is to inform the consumers if it's worth their dollars.

Like how people review something like car wax. If the reviewer just says "Oh it protects for a whole year!" but in reality lasts only 2 months, then they are doing a disservice to consumers who buy the product.

and it works both ways, if a reviewer says about a different product "oh this wax will only last you 2 weeks, don't buy it, it's crap!" when it really lasts a year, then again they are misinforming consumers.

But then again, the factor that is different when reviewing games is that it's partly due to opinion. However, that still means that the reivewer must not be completely bias!

TheRealSpy023491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

such obvious, generic responses.

you just said the exact same thing that i said, only i put it into a question.

i know you people THINK that just because a reviewer prefers a system that automatically makes them biased. but it doesn't. like i said, you can be perfectly objective about your review of a game on a system that isn't your favorite. it's a review of a first party title. it's only on one system. there's very little logic in your argument.

your explanations are just excuses because you don't agree with the scores someone gives.

ps3 fanboys are so ridiculous. i've never heard of so many ppl complaining because a game gets an 8.5 or a 9. what fantasy land are you ppl living in? those are good scores. and besides, you've all deluded yourselves into believing EVERY review site is against you (bias for 360), why do you still waste your time listening to or reading reviews?

EDIT: and the word is BUM. i didn't say "bumb?" because i care about your opinion of some guy you don't know or know anything about. i just find it funny that you can't spell a 3 letter word.

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jBat173492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

only a few sites have credibility, to me.. IGN, gaint bomb, and gametrailers (at least GT's production is excellent).. gamespot is earning its cred after what happen with kane and lynch.. if all those sites say this game is AAA.. then it is indeed AAA

only xbots sites and sites wanting hits would give inFAMOUS a rating <8.5

thebudgetgamer3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

their my most trusted review source.

edit:very nice :) thanks

Gue13492d ago

GameInformer 9/10

A nice balance between run-and-gun action and fleet-footed platforming. [June 2009, p.86]

Panthers3492d ago

IGN is my fav review site. And I dont care about these reviews because I played the demo and it is AAAAAA 100%

Chubear3492d ago

Just be thankfull they give some games ratings that enable the developers to bring us more sequels. When they rate these games well, just TAKE IT and run. They more often than not have their many forms of incentives and once that's not an option, they'll slag any game off to make sure they keep getting those incentives.

Infamous is thankfully receiving incredible reviews. As a PS3 gamer, I take it and run but I there no way I accept any of these gaming sites as legit or viable sources when it comes to reviewing for information.

talltony3491d ago

I can tell the difference between a 8.5 and a 9. Isn't that beaut!

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