WoW, Now It's Drinkable

BeefJack writes: "Mt. Dew has provided us with the caffeine we needed to play video game ever since we discovered them. Back in 2007, PepsiCo. showed their support for us when they came up with a citrus-cherry flavored soda called Game Fuel. Game Fuel was a limited product that featured Master Chief from Halo 3 on the bottle. Because it was limited, it is no longer sold, and sorely missed."

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killa916063346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

I need a drink when Im ownin on COD but not WoW
hmm...they should create a Extreme Conditioning Drink.......

edgeofblade3346d ago

Funny how people will think WoW soda is a great idea, but they will be the same people who scoffed at Halo soda.

madjedi3346d ago

Both are stupid ideas and as much as i love md, game fuel was sh*tty, start making 2 liter bottles of code red again and i am there.

karan86243346d ago

I can imagine it.... Someone goes and drinks dog piss, and then:


maxcer3346d ago

doesn't anyone drink plain water anymore?

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