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GamesRadar writes: "InFamous shows huge potential, but it's ultimately held back from greatness by too-sticky controls and its surprisingly bland ruin of a city. It's still fun, but there's a lot of room for improvement in the strongly hinted-at sequel".

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San Frandisco3493d ago

(shakes head) gamesradar is OFF my radar.

Trollimite3493d ago

these sites are showing there true colors. sucker punch dosent deserve this "7" on there record. shame on

3493d ago
BattleAxe3493d ago

- GamesRadar
- GameDaily
- Edge
- Eurogamer
- Variety

These sites are always the usual suspects.....

CrazzyMan3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Anyway, so far, inFAMOUS has 37 reviews on n4g, where only 7 scores are 8 or lower, while other 30(!) are 8.5 and higher.

After all, review - is just OPINION, which you trust/respect or not. However, the game, which has over 30 reviews with score 8.5 and higher is definitely WORTH to try, and maybe for you it will be an AAA game. It`s you, who decide in the end. =)

3493d ago
rockleex3493d ago

You forgot to mention Maxim. ^_^

Masta_fro3493d ago

i suggest everybody hits the link FelinePornographer gave us posted...

Its quite entertaining, better yet go straight to this one.

If i had a website id write an article about this, then post it on n4g...

any link will do.

raztad3493d ago

GameRadar is a joke. I didnt know about the whole neogaf thing. hhehehehe They were seriously owned. What a lack of professionalism. That is what happens when you got paid, fanboys with agenda "reviewing" ps3 games.

Eurogamer aka Eurolamer is another good example.

3493d ago
GrandTheftZamboni3493d ago


Sony won last generation, Nintendo is winning the current one. I guess the only way for Xbox fans to feel like winners is by comparing sales and thrashing PS3. They conveniently exclude Wii for not being hi-def. By that logic, 360 is the best selling console in Japan, that is amongst hi-def consoles with external power supply.

Megaton3493d ago

That GAF ownage was pretty impressive. lol @ GamesRadar.

Saigon3493d ago

and I ran into this confliction

"Unfortunately, actual exploration is the weakest part of the game, mainly because Empire City itself just isn’t that interesting. Sure, it’s pretty cool to bounce around on buildings at first, and once you’ve unlocked the second island, the number of fascinating and bizarre landmarks shoots up significantly (and includes a couple of huge, crumbling ruins that are a blast to climb)."

So exploring is weak because EC isn't interesting...but...the number of fascinating and bizarre landmarks shoots up you see the confliction...

talltony3493d ago

Look guys you will be doing yourself a disservice for not buying this game and listening to ureasonable reviews like this.
Just buy the darn game play it and enjoy it.

DaTruth3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Playing the demo now! It is awesome! But, I am having difficulty finding the aliasing and pop-in that was apparently so prominent in the game; Does it start when you unlock the second island? Is it an Easter egg? Do you have to unlock it? Or is it just unnoticeable if you're really looking for it and not trying to enjoy the game?

Please help, or I will have to assume that the reviews were lying. Or I will assume that it is the least in any open-world game; Especially that one that everyone gave a ten in graphics to... Cough, GTA4, Ahem!

ultimolu3493d ago

This game rocks. I don't know what the hell they're talking about. I also love how the fanboys over there are calling anyone who disagrees with the review whiny fanboys.

What a pathetic site.

pixelsword3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

as when you play as the good guy, the city improves. was already busted for putting out a fake review. What Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo should do is send out a list of people who they sent the game to for review.

What a wanker of a site.

Jaces3493d ago

I'm still getting this game.

Now where are those 360 fanboys at....?

anh_duong3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

gamesradar are part of future publishing network and guess what

they are part of edge and cvg.

furthermore eurogamer network has close links with edge sharing a lot of staff for review purposes.

edge, cvg, eurogamer and gamesradar have reputation for lower reviews for ps3 exclusives than other comparable exclusives.

conspiracy?? haven't got time to dwelve into actually statistics so maybe someone should do an exclusive by exclusive comparison to see if this observation is true.

BLuKhaos3493d ago

C'mon guys we all know inFamous is a hit so would you guys care about what gamesradar says about it?

SevWolf3493d ago

@ da truth, I love Infamous it is one of my favorite games yet this gen...and truly a contender for GOTY, but im not gonna lie, I have the game( I live in the middle east, and they broke the street date), there is pop-ins, actually a lot of them, BUT NOTHING TOOOOO BIG, what I mean is when I read biased reviews tehy start saying stuff like building were poping in or parts of the trains track, now that BS...the most Ive had pop in was a car in the distance, the game easily deserves and 9.5+ on graphics, I have yet to see this much detail in an open world game, if u dont believe me, then check the DEMO, just aim anywhere on the floor and look at the amount of detail of the dirt on the floor,..........F*CKING EPIC

MmaFanQc3492d ago

meh who care?

peoples seem to forget that its ONLY ONE DUDE OPINION.......

they could give 1/10 i wouldnt care because the guy is not me and im not him.

i usually trust Giantbomb since they think like me......but i still have MY OWN opinions.

Anon19743492d ago

"Prototype: It’s normally not our policy to compare a game that’s been reviewed to a game that hasn’t."

And yet, here you go. So, in your review you compare the title to a game that hasn't been released yet.

Bravo. *slow clap* ...bravo.

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MURKERR3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

shouts 'first' and 'bias bias' as to drum up fanboy wars,and he states prototype is better.

this is the same guy that stated he prefers the 360,gamesradar,eurogamer and gametrailers really are the scum of gaming journalism where professionalism is needed their biasness just illuminates

chaosatom3493d ago

Quite pathetic. Reviews are not what they use to be.

They are just trying to take down metacritic score.

gamesmaster3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

hahahaha, i love neogaf

you must've read the whole Gamesradar killzone 2 debacle. its very enlightening.

Parapraxis3493d ago

According to GamesRadar
Bionic Commando > inFAMOUS.
:) lol

kws10653493d ago

Telling me there is a lot of room to improve so it scores low?

Of course there is. Even Uncharted, in fact, had a lot of room to improve and I noticed that after seeing Uncharted 2.

But this site already knows that there will be greater sequel of inFamous even before the first one comes out lol

ChunkyMunky3493d ago


commodore643493d ago


Perhaps you should have said "Let the damage control commence!"

because, so far, ALL i have seen are ps3 fans complaining and b1tching about this and any other site that hasn't given the game 9/10.

Come on guys.

Sour grapes.

antt33493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Really? Because I see a lot of people who are happy with all the scores, even the 7's (which isn't a bad score at all).

I'm not saying *no one* complains about low scores. I'm just saying it's a matter of perception. If you focus on the negatives, it's all you'll see.

commodore643492d ago

"If you focus on the negatives, it's all you'll see"

Yes true, but if you add up all the b1tchy comments and then add all the postive replies to the 7/10, you'll find that i am right.

But yeah.
Whatever floats your boat.


Anon19743492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

When Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad on the 360 gets a 7 out of 10, the same rating as Infamous, you have to question their rating system. If we're to believe their review, they're telling us that if you had a choice between Infamous and Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad - really the two games are equally as good and you can't go wrong with either of those picks.

A game that Gamespot gave a 25 and stated "neither acrobatic temptresses nor legions of the lurching undead can make this game worth playing," and XGN said "The worst graphics and gameplay you probably ever have seen on the Xbox 360," gets the same score on GamesRadar as Infamous.

They have no credibility. Period.

antt33492d ago

I never said you were *wrong.* All I said is that you're focusing on the negative. You said, "ALL i have seen are ps3 fans complaining and b1tching about this and any other site that hasn't given the game 9/10."

All *you have seen.* You're not looking hard enough. ;-)

Hey, i agree with you that it's annoying as hell when people complain over scores that aren't even that bad. I see where you're coming from. But it's not everyone doing it.

commodore643492d ago

You are right, antt.

It's not *everyone*.

It's *nearly everyone*


antt33492d ago

wow...way to compromise.

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