Top 5 Games To See At E3

With E3 just around the corner Noodle Gamer have come up with their 5 games they're most excited to see at this years Event.

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Vicophine3198d ago

I swear, if Alan Wake is NOT at E3, than it is vapourware >.<

SupaNoodles3198d ago

Yea I agree, Microsoft are being very secretive what they're showing at E3 unlike Sony. Hopefully they will show it.

Vicophine3198d ago

I mean, I'm looking forward to it, but this long with so little info.. :/

pippoppow3198d ago

Assassins Creed needs alot redone or improved to be even in the top 20. Maybe if there are night missions, free form fighting with some cool moves which can atttack multiple enemies at once while being attack all at once by a few enemies, much more variety in mission types and more weapon choices.