Xboxer360: Star Trek D.A.C. Review

Xboxer360 writes: "Star Trek. You either love it or you hate it. You're either one of a legion of millions of Trekkies around the world who go to conventions regularly dressed as Sulu, Data, Uhura or Bob from Engineering, or you're one of the millions of people who cannot stand it or the one billion spin off's the franchise has spawned since the original series premiered back in the sixties (even though Deanna Troi made The Next Generation very watchable). I fall into the latter category, and despite my generally dismissive attitude towards the Star Trek universe as a whole, the fact that J. J. Abrams has got his very talented paws in on the action (and not forgetting that I'm also a sucker for a big Spring Blockbuster at the Cinema) sparked my interest enough for me to volunteer to review Star Trek: D.A.C., which is available for download now on XBLA.

Disappointingly enough, the game is only based very loosely on J. J.'s film or the universe as a whole. It features none of the original cast, none of the new cast and almost certainly Bob from Engineering will NOT be making a cameo appearance - but instead, Star Trek: D.A.C. (Deathmatch-Assault-Conquest) does exactly what it says on the tin and avoids following the usual tried and tested third person action/adventure movie spin off angle by crafting a rather nifty little top-down online Team shooter..."

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