This Weeks Japanese Hardware Sales Figures

CriousGamer Writes...There is no way to stop Nintendo from owning every other platform as Nintendo DSi dominated the Japanese hardware sales chart yet again.

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Steve0073195d ago

Screw you just kidding man they are on a roll here.

spunnups3195d ago ShowReplies(4)
-Mezzo-3195d ago

LOL that was an amusing post both of you that posted above me, But 360 days are over according to me.

Vicophine3195d ago

Hmm, the cheapest pieces of hardware selling the most. That's so shocking! /s.

-Mezzo-3195d ago

LOl, if sony has a PS3 price cut those numbers will easily triple.

Steve0073195d ago

Exactly and i am 1000% sure that5 there will be a price cut at E3 2009

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