IGN: Tekken 6 Blog: In Motion

Namco Bandai talks about some of the new visuals found in its upcoming fighter.

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Blackcanary3346d ago

to add the ability to through people at walls to point where the wall crumbles or through people on the floor to brack a glass floor to go to another level to fight always like that ever sinced i played Dead or alive 2.

Can't wait for Tekken 6.

NateNater3346d ago

I agree with you 100%. This looks like its going to be the best Tekken ever!

No offense but did you mean "throw" instead of "through"? And its spelled "break", not "brack". Sorry to be correcting you like that :)

trashcon593341d ago

has anybody heard that namco downgraded the ps3 version just so they can cover up for the 360 blu ray is so much better!