Mega Man Star Force 3 Website Lauches

The official website for Mega Man Star Force 3 has launched, and it includes a bunch of hidden secrets. The game is the third in the Star Force series for the Nintendo DS, which is the successor to the popular Mega Man Battle Network series of games.

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Kyll3009d ago

Come on goood megaman!

ShawnCollier3009d ago

I enjoyed the Battle Network games (the first two). Anyone know how the new ones compared to that?

KionicWarlord2223009d ago

Battle network was amazing . But why are mega man games very short?

They have some images on ign

Hopefully it will be just as good.

mephman3009d ago

Well, hopefully this one will be a little longer.

Selyah3009d ago

some of those images look quite interesting, and yeah hopefully it will be.

kesvalk3009d ago

hunnn like, battle network is way better than star force... like, in star force megaman is a alien, and the kid controlling him is a emo-lord

but the system is good, perhaps better than BN

Hisiru3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Megaman Star Force series is like the Battle Network series, but BN is much better than Star Force. Megaman Star Force is not a bad game, it has online mode, good system, etc.


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kesvalk3009d ago

it's about time... i NEED this game... i am addicted on Megaman.EXE and Star Force...

LightofDarkness3008d ago

Ugh, another boring Megemon game... Give a new side-scroller, please.