Signs Point to a God of War III 2009 Release

Badassgamer: " Current signs are pointing to a possible 2009 release for the much anticipated God of War III, now I am not saying a 2009 release for God of War III is what I want, I would like the game to be released when Santa Monica and Sony are happy with it, I want it released when it is finished and soaking in awesome! however here are some signs that could point to a release later this year."

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UltimateIdiot9113497d ago

Please Sony don't, as much as I want but... =[
My wallet can't take anymore, seriously. WKC, Demon Soul, Infamous, possibly GT5, and who know what other titles are schedule to release this year.

table3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

the fact of the matter is we won't be able to either get through or afford all the ps3 games if they release year. For the first time in my life I'm actually hoping for some games to take longer to release!

Isn't Bioshock2 and MW2 coming this year also? Must have multiplats aswell dear god. Pretty awesome time to be a gamer.

PotNoodle3497d ago

Please sony.. do.. ;)

I'd take god of war 3 over all the games coming out this year.. :p

50CALheadshot3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

1.AAA exclusive
2."" ""
3. " ""

how many aces does sony have tucked in their sleeves?

im having a blast with the infamous demo as it is, peep the gfx

Ldubbz3497d ago

Please Sony please dont be a c0ck tease....

GoW 3 is why I got a PS3 in the first place. Kratos is the man, screw any fanboy BS or any of that crap.

Day One. No question.

The ONLY thing that worries me is that Jaffe is not doing this :( But then again, GoW on PSP was f'n awesome (good job Ready At Dawn), so I dont think Sony will drop the ball here.

40cal3497d ago

I still think that God of War III wont hit until March 2010. As much as I want to play this bad boy, I hope that the Santa Monica studio has been taking there time with this one.

cmrbe3497d ago

Those of us long time loyal PS fans always knew that Sony can't be matched contentwise. Thats why some of us bought a PS3 at launched at 600 USD.

Despite all the hate the PS3 and PS fans got from x360 trolls and the media in 2007 for supposedly having no games lol!, we knew that eventually the PS3 will have more games than we could possibly handle. Its was no different in the PS1 and the PS2 era.

Well PS fans you got your wish. Now there are too many games than you could afford.

Its funny now we are asking Sony to slow down releasing gaming lol!. Go back in 2007 and this would be unthinkable.

PotNoodle3497d ago

Ldubbz, jaffe wasn't involved in GoW2 either, and that was as epic as the first, if not better.

50CALheadshot3497d ago

i couldnt have said that any better.

Ldubbz3497d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I didnt know Jaffe didnt do the first. Interesting.

But jeez...I guess you cant be a fan of GAMES around here, only blind SYSTEM loyalty will suffice. Why so insecure? Its like anytime there is something said about a Sony exclusive, the usual suspects feel the need to cheerlead.

"Bu-bu-but its cuz those Xboys were trashing the PS3 when it was a $600 BR player! SO now that it has some games lined up, its infinitely better! 360 SUXXORZ!"

You guys crack me up! Thanks for the laugh b4 the weekend....

OFF TOPIC: And since I love all you guys so much, and Im getting outta work early and its a 3-day weekend....check out Transforminators if you havent already...

50CALheadshot3496d ago

but why are you crying on the internet?

you remind me of kobe bryant. huge crybaby right there. last nights game is a good example.

Jinxstar3496d ago

Ldubbz. Jaffe only did GOW 1. 2 was Cory Balrog. The majority of the team was all intact though. Santa monica wont disappoint.

Bnet3433496d ago

Too many games this year man, I'm going to sell my house now ... Let's leave some gas for 2010.

cmrbe3496d ago

I imagine a multi-console owner yourself would be much worse lol!.

But then again i am multi-console owner myself but i really don't see any good games on the wii worth buying in the near future.

50CALheadshot3496d ago


what about punchout?

that should work out your abs.i was thinking this the other day....i should get it.

Final_Rpg3496d ago

I'd rather make the sacrifice of delaying other games than GOW3. Nobody understands how much I want this game. FAR OUT! I can't stop thinking about it now!

cmrbe3496d ago

I forgot about Puchout. Should be fun. It was crazy fun with the original on the NES.

dhammalama3496d ago

Transforminators! Awesome!! haha

On topic, well I'll be happy to see god of war this year but you guys are right, it is getting pretty difficult to choose which games to go for and which ones to forgo.

FamilyGuy3496d ago

To that i wrote:

Yeah, but how much did GOW 1 sell?

GOW2 came out when the PS3 was being released and while the 360 was already out so attention had shifted. I myself simply forgot to buy it, i wasn't gaming as much back then.

Seems like a very stupid thought to think that GOW 3 won't be a system seller when it obviously will.

pain777pas3496d ago

I havent factored in multiplats this year yet and I'm serious. Infamous next week for sure the rest I just hope to have the cash cause this is day 1 purchase. This has the highest probability not to suck as far as games go. If they just highres the old and put a twist to it Im fine because the gameplay is tight and everyone who's played the first 2 games knows that the second was better than the first in some ways which is RIDICULOUS. If you want to know what next gen gaming should be pick up the first game then play the second back to back and scratch your head as to what we are enduring right now the multiplayer shooter fest(yawns).

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3497d ago

please sony, do it. My waller can take it!

Ps_alm3k3497d ago

Iam force to steal my grandma's money, from her ancient piggy bank!!

ultimolu3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Infamous on Tuesday
Uncharted 2
320 or a 500gb harddrive

...Holy crap.

That would be insane if they get that out this year.

ultimolu3496d ago

Do you reallly want me fill up the page here? o.o

Sarcasm3496d ago

Don't forget GT5, which is arguably the pinnacle of playstation gaming.

raztad3497d ago

GoW has always been a march release, just beginning the new fiscal year. Sony is not that stupid to release GoW this year, they got the rest of this year more than covered, we are literally flooding in games and its more than clear that we CANT get them all. So the less hyped games probably will suffer. In other words, I dont see why Sony would want U2, Sigma2 and GoW to compete against each other.

Lou-Cipher3497d ago

Listen to you guys(and girls)

Too many AAA games!!! What is wrong with you?

There is no such thing as too many great games, there are only to many casual/mediocre/overrated games.

I welcome God of war III this year, and I hope Gran Turismo 5/Heavy Rain/Final Fantasy 13 makes a 2009 release,

Give me a AAA game every week, and I will buy them. Thats right I want to see 52 AAA games a year. (OK maybe that is a bit much)

raztad3496d ago


I got your point, but I just cant play that much and not that amount of money to spend on games.

Life gets harder when you grow older and needs to pay for your living.

Sarcasm3496d ago


You're missing the point, $65 (tax incl.) a pop for each of those games. Let's calculate.

Demon's Souls
Uncharted 2
Heavy Rain

8 x $65 = $520

That's only 8 PS3 exclusives.

Count in must-buy multiplats like MW2 and other titles, and you rack up quite a price tag.

Gaming is expensive, especially if you are a multi-console owner. Heck, gaming is still expensive even if you are a single console owner.

I have about 33 PS3 games and 15 360 games, on top of my Samsung TV and 7.1 definitive tech speakers and yahmaha Receiver, plus the PS3 and 360 hardware.

I'm already at $6200. I literally... literally went broke for gaming. In constrast, my normal hobby which is cars I've only spent about $5000 on modifications.

My point? Gaming is EXPENSIVE. So when someone says, "dang sony, stop raping my wallet" they literally mean it.

cyberwaffles3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

actually it's not smart from a business standpoint because there would be too much competition to try to hurdle. with games as big as GOWIII, you would rather have an increased install base and release it where there is virtually no big titles releasing anytime soon. that's how you exhaust sales. uncharted 2, infamous, modern warfare 2, final fantasy XIII, bioshock 2, ratchet and clank, WKC, ninja gaiden sigma 2, possibly GT5 and many other games are releasing this year and that would just bottleneck GOW3's sales. in my opinion, GOW 3 should release next year and let all the games coming out this year to increase the PS3's install base so the probability of getting more sales increases. same thing goes for GT5 as thats a true system seller game.

EDIT: oops, completely forgot about MAG, heavy rain, and demon's soul. and while i'm still editing, you should think about what nintendo or microsoft might release this year. basically what i'm saying is that 2009 will be locked up with too many great games.

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