Parents' gaming ban leads to boy's suicide

It's not uncommon to hear of a parent taking away their child's video games when they feel he/she is addicted. Unfortunately, one boy committed suicide after his parents declared he could no longer play.

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UltimateIdiot9113195d ago

That's pretty sad. I still have trouble grasping the idea why some people would want to kill themselves over stupid things.
I know this is twisted but I would rather go out and make the world a miserable place before I kill myself.

knox3195d ago

i hope you never want to commit suicide lol.

General Pinky3195d ago

Just maybe it was the Wii...
see that what happens when you get hardcore Wii owners

table3195d ago

There must be more to it. He must have been unhappy and depressed before hand and thought what is the point anymore. It may have nothing to do with his gaming ban or that the gaming ban was the last straw in his miserable existance.

B Man3195d ago

but no one should feel sorry for the kid. That little selfish.... err, beyond selfish, kid took his life over video games. To put your friends and family through that intentionally... especially for something so trivial is beyond pathetic.... good riddance.

table3195d ago

It is wrong to say people who commit suicide are selfish. They are in a poor mental state and obviously arn't thinking rationally. This boy must have been in a seriously depressed state to do this. Nobody commits suicide to make others feel guilty.

Tony P3195d ago

What's sad is the gov't blaming it on the parent's call. They're basically saying the couple killed their kid with a crap decision. That's cold.

TheAntiFanboy3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

If you completely cut off a crack addict's supply of crack, he suffers from withdrawls, goes insane, and causes harm to others. The same thing applies here. Parents should not underestimate the power of addiction, especially if it's in a situation where the addiction is the only thing providing sustenance and sanity to its abuser.

Many people rely on their addictions to give their life reason, or to escape from their pain. They drink, do drugs, play games, gamble, or shop excessively. Is it the right way to deal with their problems? Certainly not. But it is a quick, if not short-lived, escape.

The child may have made a foolish choice in deciding to end his life; this is unarguable. Suicide is never the best answer. But to completely declare that his choice is wrong without considering the motives behind his actions or the situation he was placed in is an even greater mistake, one that could potentially lead to great sadness, such as the case is here.

Of course, he could just be a totally spoiled brat who committed suicide because he wasn't getting treated like a king. That's always a possibility too. But it is only one of many conflicting possibilities.

Use wisdom. Never judge a situation based on its surface appearance. Do not view the world in pure blacks and whites. There may be far more to this than is implied.

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TheColbertinator3195d ago

Stupid kid.I feel bad for his parents on how they will feel responsible for the actions of a dumb child.

Suicide-A permanent solution to a temporary problem

knox3195d ago

i dont know if hes necessarily stupid, maybe misguided lol

i feel kind of bad for him :\

TheBand1t3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Add another victim to Natural Selection. Maybe he thought he would respawn.

TheColbertinator3195d ago

Just press the Reset button...oh wait

MGOelite3195d ago

stupid parents ffs for some people (not me) it would be like going cold turkey off heroine, why didnt they just take it off him slowly?

karan86243195d ago

...Well those people dont have much of a life anyways

josh143993195d ago

stupid kid seriously gaming is fun but not that fun. i bet his parents feel responsible aswell even though they shouldnt.

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