SFX 360: Exisled Review

SFX 360 writes: "The evil forces of the Smog are here dumping barrels of toxic waste into the the ocean. They're destroying the planet's ecosystem, plus they're building a military force that almost nobody can stop. Who can we call upon to save the world from eventual disaster? Unfortunately Captain Planet's unavailable to handle this situation. So we must call upon a lone warrior who is up to the task, as well as heavily outnumbered, to handle the problem.

Exisled, from developer Lost Logic, places you in a lone attack helicopter with the sole mission of destroying the military forces of the Smog. This I can honestly tell you is no easy task. The gameplay is very similar to games like the Strike series (Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Nuclear Strike) from EA, but more like the classic Raid On Bungeling Bay from the old Commodore 64 days. With your attack helicopter, you must destroy Smog factories on various islands. While that sounds quite easy, these factories are surrounded by plenty of firepower including anti-aircraft guns, tanks, planes, battleships, subs, etc. I told you this is no easy task..."

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