The 5 Most Dangerous Games of 2009

You'll never forget the first time you ducked behind cover in Gears of War or swung a bat in Wii Sports. Innovative features tend to create the most memorable gameplay experiences (and the biggest game sales). Sadly, true innovation doesn't come easy or often. Fortunately, the editors of GamePro have identified five games that balance risk with reward.

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DFogz3196d ago

Top 5 Most DANGEROUS Games of 2009?
I'm not seeing anything dangerous about them at all, they just picked 5 games and picked 2-3 things that make them unique.
Also, none of these are released and most don't have dates yet so how can they say "of 2009" when none of these are out and might not even make it this year!

When I saw the title all I could think would be a list of Wii games which caused the most injuries and/or broken tv's

Chrisny853196d ago

wow how did this get approved. i love watching commercials trying to read an article...