Matchmaking - Where Are You This Generation?

Loot Ninja writes:

"For many gamers, the online multiplayer component is (unfortunately) routinely the only mode they play. I must admit on my own account, that I myself did not complete the Call of Duty 4 single player campaign until the game had already been out for almost a whole year. The only reason I even beat the game was because I signed in one night to find that no one from my online wrecking crew was logged in, and I was in no mood to go on and make new friends. That led me to take on the whole campaign in just one night. With so much attention focusing on the inclusion of an online multiplayer component in the current console generation, one would assume that the developers of these games would go the extra mile of having it function the right way. It would just be good for business, because if they do a good enough job, they can release some wallet draining DLC to go with it. Yet game after game these days seem to follow the same dead end road of using both dated lobby and (pointless) ranking systems. Whether it's SOCOM: Confrontation, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, or the more recent Killzone 2, it seems that developers just don't take the time to do what one developer has been doing right for the past 5 years."

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iiprotocolii3343d ago

And great points. Although, in my opinion, the majority of great games do carry a driving storyline, some of them are just a bit too short for my liking; either that, or the replay value is simply... well, nonexistent. Games nowadays tend to focus on the multiplayer aspect of things - which is great, but in the end, you're not just paying $60.00 for an online game... or are you?

SpoonyRedMage3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Oooh, Slightly related to this is the problem I have with Echoes of Time. It's just puts you with whoever's available first(unless you're playing with friends) and usually they're either maxed out or right at the beginning(and possibly a noob). I don't mind helping out new guys or getting helped by a pro but I'd prefer if I could find some people about the same level as me.

EDIT: In shooters though, I kind of disagree with ranks making someone more powerful online because I might be better than someone but they might spend days on end on the game so why should they get the advantage. I'd prefer it if the bonuses for ranking up we're more bonus features or cosmetic changes.

drunkpandas3343d ago

Good call on the XP ratings. If you play long enough, you’ll gain all the perks. I guess the developers wanted to open up everything for all players, no matter the skill level.