More than a Modern Warfare 2 trailer coming on Sunday

TVGB: "Besides the full Modern Warfare 2 trailer that will air this Sunday, Infinity Ward is apparently planning to release new information about the game at the same time as well. Immediately after the trailer airs on TNT at 5:30pm eastern time, a message sent out by IW's PR people suggests we head over to for "more information." There isn't a hint of what this information could be, but hopefully it won't be something we already know."

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DA_SHREDDER3497d ago

i cant wait to see all 10 seconds of CG that is gonna be displayed coming this Sunday. Maybe I will even see a gun besides a pistol and an M4?

KionicWarlord2223497d ago

That trailer was cgi? I thought that trailer was gameplay....

Fooled me.

3497d ago
RustInPeace3497d ago

Loser. Only here to bash huh? Get a life, or better yet... a girlfriend.