'New' Feature Found On PS3 Profile Cards

A Playstation user seems to have found a yet unnoticed feature - you can invite friends to play Red Alert 3 via the XMB, as in Resident Evil 5.

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DavidMacDougall3195d ago

You can do this in the Red Faction Demo whats your point?

WildArmed3195d ago

exactly what i was thinking.
This is old.. anyone who has played RE5/Red Faction demo and others knows this.
I'm just glad games are picking up on this.
(i think wipeout HD does it too)

WildArmed3194d ago

for the people who didnt know
Resident Evil 5 has implemented cross-game invite pretty well.
HIt triangle on ur friend to send invite.
Hit triangle on ur friend to accept invites.

Its great and i hope it gets more refined as time goes.

WhittO3194d ago

well its new to some of us.

Really the ps3 can do everything people want - in game music, in game video capture, in game web browser.. but its all up to the developer.

Thats prob a good thing, but really some devs are just lazy and just cba putting the extra work in to have those features.

I dont want cross-game invites anyway, no problem inviting people when they are actually playing the game lol.

I just want cross-game voice chat, or voice chat while lisening to music etc on the XMB.

SprSynJn3194d ago

It would be nice if this was available in all games that call for it, but I do commend Sony for allowing the choice to be with the developer and not forcing anything on them. They do know best.

YeOldeGamer3194d ago

What you apparently fail to realize....just like that XMB ONLY WORKS if ALL games utilize/support it. THAT is why MS has mandated it be included in ALL games, since way back in 2002.

Silly wabbits....

aksmashh3194d ago

& We Still Haven't Got It

360 Users Who Are Reading This Article Must Be Thinking Were Talking About Something Else But We Still Dont Have The One Simplest Thing Just Like Cross Game Chat. Sony Networking Team Must Be Shared With Nintendo.

I Don't Expect Most PS3 User To Understand Because They Probably Never Used Better Service Called Xbox Live & I Don't Care If Had Pay $2 Month Because I Paid $400 For My PS

NIGHT_HAWK32103194d ago

shouldnt that be available for every game? thats psn for ya.

the ps3 is so good, but psn is kind of a joke. compared to live its not good at all.

if psn was worth a damn ps3 could prolly put the xbox away, but thats not the case so i guess were stuck with a crap online network. it is free but thats about the only good thing about it. the reason its free is because there is nothing to it.

free always comes with a d1ck in the @ss, so why should psn be different?

LukaX233194d ago

It's true. You can do this in the Multiplayer Demo. Stop disagreeing.

Raz3193d ago

An add-on to the profile card that lets you send invites for a single game = FAIL.

..Unless there's something here I'm missing...?

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OgTheClever3194d ago

Could this be considered a stealth cross game invite feature I wonder?

The Hunter3194d ago

This is very old.. This can also with RSV(2), it is still a option for the developer to implant this. You see it is only possible by a few games, if it was a XMB feature then it was by all games possible.

Joni-Ice3194d ago

Sony has been know to try certain features in games before its released in a update or before they make it mandatory for each game to use. Lets just say its in the right direction of cross game invites.

DanSolo3194d ago

You say you can invite people to play Red Alert 3 from the XMB, but I can't even bloody play Red Alert 3 online as for some reason I can't connect to any EA game now and just get the message "Cannot connect to EA server".
It's pissing me right off and EA are hardly any help as they just try to blame PSN and my ISP even though I can play every other game just fine.
EA suck ass!

Meus Renaissance3194d ago

Try reading the back of the manual if there are some firewall ports you need to open. I get that a lot with EA games

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