Commander Shepard Confirmed for Mass Effect 2

Who said Commander Shepard was dead? According to Deeko, the July issue of OXM has Shepard on the cover, and a ten page article inside.

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N4PS3G3341d ago

fuk yeah!!! Now leak the scans!!

RememberThe3573341d ago

I want a video! Give me some gameplay! I want this game right now.

Ninver3341d ago

lol why do 360 games have such corny names for the lead characters?

Master Chief
Commander Shepard

lol you might as well call dude Commander reject.

Sanzee3341d ago

F*ck yeah to your "f*ck yeah!"

DUDE I'M WILLING TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE SH*TTIEST GAMING MAGAZINE IN THE WORLD TO READ THIS STORY! I absolutely love my Xbox 360 and even more, the game Mass Effect, but there is no denying that OXM simply sucks asshole. Literally. They suck rectum! They give sh*tty reviews. But who knows, maybe this story will save them... let it be so.


RememberThe3573341d ago

Why did you even bother commenting?

No Way3340d ago

You mean like Solid Snake, Sergeant Sevchenko, and Nathan Hale?

kewlkat0073340d ago

then the ones in Xbox games...

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KionicWarlord2223341d ago


Cant wait to play this and go on the planets.

TheAntiFanboy3341d ago

If they're not all barren wastelands and actually have some depth to them that makes them worth exploring (and that does NOT include random arbitrary collectible minerals or some crap like that), then I'll share your enthusiasm.

No Way3340d ago

Yes, because we all know that all the planets should be overly populated, eh? -.-

Darkfiber3341d ago

I don't get why people think he's dead. It was just a teaser trailer, it's clearly indicating that at some point in the game, your ship probably explodes or your team goes missing and everyone *thinks* you're dead but it's just a big misunderstanding and you come back in a blaze of glory and eggs. That's what I got out of it the first time I saw it, I never once thought that he/she would actually be dead, that's just silly.

TheAntiFanboy3341d ago

Yeah, it's kind of obvious...

No Way3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Yea.. There is no way he would be dead.
How else would your previous stats be transferred?

Also, he didn't die in the first so,
He has to at least make an appearance in the second..
And, not dead at the beginning like some people assumed.

But, also, I agree with what you said.
Especially after seeing that one video that showed the ship on fire.
I would assume that because the ship is destroyed he couldn't transmit a signal.
Just makes me wonder how he escapes and survives, and all that.. o.O

Sangria3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

So it probably means he's officially dead, covered by the Council.

Grown Folks Talk3341d ago

the council die in my 1st playthrough.

RememberThe3573341d ago

I ended up letting them die every time I played through.

Sangria3341d ago

I made a career where i let them alive (they invite Mankind to the Council) and in the two other ones, i've let them die and chose who will be at the Council.
If Mass Effect's save datas have indeed an influence on Mass Effect 2, i just want to see what differences you can have with those options.

No Way3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Yea, I did the same! :D

I wonder how much an impact the choices will have.
For example, would the story be different if you..
Saved Ashley, over Kaiden, and saved the council, then if you
Saved Kaiden, over Ashley, and saved the council. o.O
Hmmm, hopefully.. That would be cool and have LOTS of outcomes!

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SaberEdge3341d ago

Mass Effect 2 is going to be even better than the first one, which was already in my top 5 games of all time. I cant wait to find out more about it at E3. I also wish Bioware would make a new Jade Empire. That game was awesome and deserves a sequel....crossing my fingers.

TheAntiFanboy3341d ago

Eh... I still prefer KOTOR over Mass Effect.

Grown Folks Talk3341d ago

I just want more diversity when you choose between the different characters. Story didn't really change outside of who flirted with you.

No Way3340d ago

Oh yes! A Jade Empire sequel would be awesome! :D

The order I like those games would be:
1. Mass Effect
2. KoToR
3. Jade Empire

But, all three games are awesome and amazing fun.

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