Rumor: Kojima Prepping Lord of Shadows

Kombo Reports: "We just posted a silhouette image of the next Kojima title. Who would have guessed it would be solved so quickly?"

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ultimolu3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Wait a minute...I heard of this game...
That's the game Kojima's working on? :x

I still think it's a Metal Gear game...but then again...

Masta_fro3010d ago

well dont know anything about it, but if its a Kojima game, then by all means count me in...

dont care if its exclusive as long as ps3 is lead platform...

ultimolu3010d ago

Yep. I remembered hearing about this game but I can't remember where.

-x.Red.x-3010d ago

WTF? i don't want to click that site

Sangria3010d ago

So when it's "LesbianGamers" everything is all right but when it's "GayGamers" it's suspicious? XD

funkycoldmedina3010d ago

@Red... LOL. Bubble for you.

-x.Red.x-3010d ago

i don't want my history to say i visited hat site

O.o :P


SevWolf3010d ago

@ red....hahaha...nice...
anyway on topic...when I saw this rumor I was actually a bit excited to see what a great mind like Kojima can do with a genre like this...but then I dug a bot around the web...and the neogaf thread and realized even though KONAMI announced this game it is already being developed by mercury steam as shown on the I doubt this is Kojima's...can't f*cking wait for the announcement

talltony3010d ago

He will announce this game first and then announce mgs5 next. You'll see.

cmrbe3009d ago

is a game like Castlevenia. The first time i saw it i thought it was castlevenia and the name Lord of shadows was just a placename.

Its a PS3/X360 game btw. I don't think its a Kojima game though. Kojima might just be promoting it. Either way if its like Castlevania then its a firstday buy for me.

gaffyh3009d ago

Yeah I immediately though Lords of Shadow when I saw the silhouette, and that game look pretty awesome from the teaser they showed. Looks like it will be a DMC + Castlevania game

dragunrising3009d ago

I definitely wouldn't mind another MGS game, then again...I am interested in any game made by Kojima.

E3 can't come soon enough.

I want my MGS4 trophies! I would be happy just with that announcement.

JoySticksFTW3009d ago

I clicked on it without reading the link and was like WTF?!?! LOL!!

Topless dudes and guys posing with puppies all up on that site... D:

But they do have a trailer for the game though.

Guys, your eyes won't bleed. Check the trailer out! Kojima can never disappoint

LastDance3009d ago

My dad will beat me if I go there.

morganfell3009d ago

^^^^You are kidding, right? I mean you are sporting a next gen Village People avatar...

ramtah3009d ago

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No Way3009d ago

Well.. Duh! =P

But, the question is this..
When will he announce MGS5?

DaTruth3009d ago

Seriously, I'm crying from laughter! Glad I got here late!

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UnblessedSoul3010d ago

He's working on two projects right? one of them is def metal gear

MattyF3010d ago

Yeah, he said they are making two games. So it can still be MGS and this.

zoneofenders3010d ago

of course there will be a new MG game
the japanese shopping site dont lie.
however we are not sure if it is on PS3.......
we are pretty sure it wont be on XBOX360 though, at least not in japan.

DelbertGrady3009d ago

Death Metal Gear? Snake wearing corpse paint as camouflage?

sinncross3010d ago

Then why go through so much trouble to keep it a secret, especially since the trailer for LOS was first shown at Liepzig 2008.

Unless of course Kojima is not working on MGS5, but rather a different team i Kojima Productions ,which would make sense since that is what Kojima originally wanted.

SolidAhmed3009d ago

be true since the poster matching lord of shadows character.
why not and i think this is a good move for hideo since he have one legendary franchise so it is the time to do the next legendary franchise.

go on Hideo do something that change the action adventure games

cayal3009d ago

"be true since the poster matching lord of shadows character. "

It would be hard to make a silhouette of someone else in that shape. Kojima isn't so obvious.

cayal3009d ago

I meant wouldn't be so hard.

Antan3010d ago

Kojima has nothing to do with LOS.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3010d ago

This so is the game that he is working on....

The shadow fits so well with the main character....

This will be good something other than MGS not saying it was bad loved every minute of it... but I would really really love to see him do a different series for a bit...

TOO PAWNED3010d ago

It is well known that Kojima loves God Of War games, and if you ask me this has a lot of GOW into it