Ve3tro Review: UFC Undisputed 2009, This Fight Is Over!

Ve3tro writes: "Get your spandex and oven mitts on, it's time for a beating. UFC: Undisputed is finally here and with it being the first UFC title in the series to hit next generation consoles vast improvements have been made compared to it's predecessors.

Upon starting the game all modes are available to the player, ranging from Exhibition which consists of all five weight classes and over 80 fighters. The majority of the fighters are assigned to their specific weight class. However, there are a few exceptions such as England's Michael Bisping, The Prodigy B.J. Penn, and more which can go between two classes. Upon selecting the class, each fighter has a three way attribute set which can be seen when choosing from the select screen. These consist of Strength, Speed and Cardio. "

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