Silhouette of Kojima's Next Game

Kombo Reports: "Please look to your right. See that image? Well, apparently that silhouette is a character from Kojima's next game. "

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hardmetal3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

or Max Savage from Snake's dream in MGS3?

Lifendz3200d ago

I'm hyped. E3 is going to be great. Maybe even better than the E3 where Mario 64 was announced.

Microsoft Xbox 3603200d ago

Kojima's next game hinted on an official PlayStation magazine? Bu...bu...but....

TheTwelve3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

A Sony magazine with first pics, Japanese magazines listing it for PS3/PSP...

Much of what I believe about Kojima will change if he goes multi-plat, and so far the signs are not disappointing me.


P.S. Looks like poster "duh duh duh" has solved the riddle, and it's kind of a let-down.

Beast_Master3200d ago

This is soooo easy!!

You play as teenage Snake in High School. Metal Gear negative 1. The title is so far back in Snakes history that it is pre zero!


DrRobotnik3200d ago

I'm going with castlevania.

TheAntiFanboy3200d ago

Are you all blind? It's the Master Chief. DUH!

- Ghost of Sparta -3199d ago

Two things.

1. Koji Igarashi makes the Castlevania games for Konami.
2. Kojima Productions are not developing Lord of Shadows.

It is quite interesting however, knowing that two PlayStation magazines already know what it is he's working on (Famitsu and PSW), and they've got cover stories for the game, which automatically confirms that his next game will be available for the PS3.

FamilyGuy3199d ago

it's the new Castlevania game. just look at the clothes. Only reason not to think this is that Cv for the PS3 was announced a long time ago and this is supposed to be something unannounced.

finbars753199d ago

It looks like Lord of Shadow if anything.Almost identical silouhettes

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ultimolu3200d ago

The wait, it kills...:o

duhduhduh3200d ago

It looks like it''s Lord of Shadows - it's a multiplatform game for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Here is this pic from Lord of Shadow:

Now look at the silhouette in this picture:

They seem to match up.

Here is the link where the game was announced during GC 2008

Here is more info on the game:


tdrules3200d ago

we are not worthy, bubbles

TheTwelve3200d ago

Your post is too intelligent for the open zone, bud.


PirateThom3200d ago

Lord of Shadows isn't being made by Kojima Productions though, is it?

Do you think PSW put that image there just to build hype?

heyheyhey3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

why would Kojima announce a game that has already been announced?

if Koj was working on Lord Of Shadows, we would have known about it when it was announced...

sorry bro.. the models do match-up, but your theory still fails


rudeness? lol... sorry sire, how rude of me to say "fail" on the internet.. excuse my ignorance

duhduhduh3200d ago

Maybe this is one of Kojima's games. While I think the current announcement in the PSw magazine is geared towards Lord of Shadows, I think that he is maybe involved in a more overseer type role.

I think the current countdown clock is related to MGS5 still.

So, irregardless of your rudeness, I think we may be on to something.

d0nT wOrrY3200d ago

I think your right @duhduhduh

when you visit Konami's website for Lord of Shadows

it says " coming soon "

not sure if that old or new but anyway, only time will tell

can't wait to know :((

solidt123200d ago

I think you are right. Good catch.

micro_invader3200d ago

Good going lord of shadows.


You know your stuff :)

hay3200d ago

Lol, you might've figured it out.

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