Gamecentraal special: The Halo universe

Gamecentraal writes: "Halo Wars, with its 150,000 players per 24 hours, is pretty popular under the Xbox Live gamers. But where does that popularity come from ? Strategy games on consoles were still 'not done'? Each strategy fanatic know that a mouse and keyboard are essential to give quick commands?"

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ASSASSYN 36o3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I hate halo. I hate everything about it...because I can't stop playing it. I watch halo 3 recordings at the end of every halo 3 session. In halo wars the battles can last hours at higher difficulties in online co-op skirmish, or versus. I can't wait for a MMOFPS for halo. I got a feeling it will happen especially next gen.

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mcgrawgamer3497d ago

seems to me the author of this article didn't do enough homework because halo was originally meant to be an rts for the mac before MSFT made bungie an offer they couldn't refuse. and of course HALO has become a gold mine for MSFT. the only gamers who don't like halo are sony loyalist who don't like it because it's associated with MSFT and PC loyalist who think Halo ruined the genre.

Personally I couldn't care less. Halo isn't my bag but you can't turn a blind eye to what it is has accomplished; okay maybe you can if ur a F.Boy.....