1UP: Metroid Prime Trilogy Hands-On Preview

1UP writes: "American gamers love the Metroid series much more than their Japanese counterparts do, and that's doubly true for the first-person shooter-style Metroid Prime games. Needless to say, the fact that Nintendo's New Play Control releases of Metroid Prime and its sequel are currently only available and/or announced for Japanese release has struck many fans as downright strange -- maybe even ominous. Fortunately, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for it all, and easily offended Nintendo fans can relax. Nintendo isn't holding out on us; they've simply been holding back in order to give American Metroid enthusiasts a better deal."

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eagle213490d ago

All 3 Metroids with updated presentations and controls for $49? Heck yeah, I haven't even played any of them. :)