Metroid Prime Trilogy Announced

Kombo Reports: "It may not be a new title but Wii owners will be getting a sweet deal later this summer. Nintendo just announced that they will be bundling all three Metroid Prime titles on one disc and releasing them on August 24th for $49.99. Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 will each receive upgrades in the control department, graphics, and will even come equipped with the Metroid Prime 3 medal system."

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xino3077d ago

good thing i don't own a Wii...i would just be wasting money on the same games, remakes and ports!

TheAntiFanboy3076d ago

I'm inclined to agree, but admittedly...


sloth33953076d ago

and when is microsoft not remaking games like halo or fable

TheAntiFanboy3076d ago

Uh... when are they not remaking them? Right now. They're not remaking them at the moment.

There's your answer. I very sincerely hope you made a typo or something.

MattyF3076d ago

3 games for $49.99 is well worth it. Wait, 3 GOTY caliber games.

N4g_null3076d ago

They all use the new play style also, so they are basically giving away improved versions with the new game.

DreamcastFanboy3076d ago

never played them so i might buy it for my wii.

heyheyhey3076d ago

sweeeet, was waiting on this

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The story is too old to be commented.