Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer hands-on by Gamespot

Sophia Tong from Gamespot writes:

"Heavy Rain's tagline--"How far are you prepared to go to save someone you love?"--is the real message behind this upcoming story-driven thriller, according to writer and director David Cage. We've been eagerly waiting for a chance to see the game when it was announced in 2006, but all we saw at the time was an intriguing tech demo called "The Casting," in which a virtual actress delivered an emotionally charged monologue as part of an audition.

Last year, behind closed doors at E3, we sat through a demo of a scenario created specifically to demonstrate the gameplay, but its story had nothing to do with the actual game itself. Finally, at a Sony-hosted PlayStation Gamers' Day event in April, we had a chance to play one scene taken from the game's side story. Cage told us that it wouldn't spoil the main story, and it doesn't represent Heavy Rain as a whole. He explained that each scene is supposed to be unique, with different ways of interacting, so this was just one of the many interactions that you'll experience in the game."

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So Easy I Can Do It3494d ago

And the graphics look great already :)

JOLLY13494d ago

The premise sounds interesting, but I didn't see anywhere, that it said the word alpha. Are you just making stuff up for fun?

So Easy I Can Do It3494d ago

the last part of the video preview.

JOLLY13494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Can't watch vid's at work. That is weird that it is 3 years old....with alpha. Oh well.

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JOLLY13494d ago

I didn't know this game was announced way back in '06

Blackcanary3494d ago

want this game from the sound of it this game holds more than 10 hrs of game play depending on how u play the game.