Fifa 09 to get kit update.

Fresh off the press (well airwaves), we've just got news via the official FIFA 09 podcast - presented by Steve and Rom - that FIFA 09 will be getting kit updates for a select number of teams....

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cRaZyLeGs 933489d ago

Will be good to see new kits before next game.

Justinakach0ppa3489d ago

May 28th. I hope they announce more kits to be honest but I wont hold my breath lol

xxBATTLECATxx3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

they should also update the squads.
donavan is still playing for bayern
i used the team transfer and brought him back to the LA galaxy and they got two whole stars (now 3) with him on the squad, thats how much we suck. donavan alone carries two whole stars.

edit: also, since theyre updating the kits, they should just write GAY on cristiano ronaldos jersey, awith a d!ck instead of a number

Simo773480d ago

Ok, today is the 1st of June. Where exactly are these new kits??