Exclusive Operation Flashpoint 2 Screenshot - 22/05

Helios, Of the Official Codemasters Forum, writes: 'As promised a couple of days ago, here's the 2nd community exclusive screenshot for you all. I wonder if this one will prompt over 30 pages of discussion like the first one has!

As with the the previous one, a full size version can be found on our Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Flickr Picture set.

Oh, and just to clarify the 5 bullets underneath the ammo count tell you what fire mode you are currently in: full auto, burst, semi.

The "Ball" refers to the current ammo type you are using.'

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outlawlife3464d ago

i really hope this plays as good as it looks

darkmurder3464d ago

Looks good but I'm really worried about the grass draw distances that is so common in every screenshot.