Criterion Games Reveals Big Surf Island

Criterion Games reveals their next premium DLC for Burnout Paradise, Big Surf Island. The DLC will include 8 new unlockable cars, a whole new area and new jumps.

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Marcello3408d ago

LOL! WOW! BIG! news, DLC for an 18 month old game :/

Give us Black 2 or a new Burnout like Takedown with Crash Events.

Nambassa3408d ago

totally aggree, this is old news anyway. i heard about this in PSW about a year ago. lol

RustInPeace3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

The devs are on video claiming it'll be free, so to back up and claim its now $10 sucks. Granted, I paid for some of their other DLC, but all that was NOT said to be free. This better come back at them before it goes live so they review what was already said vs. what they claim now... Although I might just bite the bullet and get it even if charged... It is a good game, and has the biggest trophy/achievement list of any game to date (for the trophy/point mongers).