Heavy Rain - Preview (Telegraph UK)

From the preview: "We now see how Heavy Rain deals with action scenes. It's easy to dismiss these scenes as "Quick-Time Events" (QTEs) as directions appear on screen, telling you which button to press. Since their inception in SEGA'S Shenmue, the QTE has found its way into far too many titles.

The result is a type of interface that many gamers dismiss as the bane of action games, diluting control to the player down to a single button press that is splashed across the screen. The difference here is that every care seems to have been made to integrate Heavy Rain's QTEs into the experience.

Rather than the button dominating the front of the screen, the directions are integrated into the action in real time 3D. They shake and swing as a scuffle between Jack and Jayden takes place. With the actions required by the player holding the control mimicking what is actually happening on screen, rather than "press X to dodge", there's a frantic quality to the action, both on-screen and off. A liberal sprinkling of SIXAXIS motion control only enhances this."

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