BM: E3 predictions, hopes, and thoughts

Blast Mag: "With E3 2009 nearly upon us, rumors are flying high, emotions are flaring up, and our wildest hopes and dreams will soon either be validated or painfully crushed. What will we learn this year about the pastime we love so much? Who will be the winners, the losers, and the face-palming failboats of the show? Will we see a PS3 price cut, an Xbox 360 motion controller device, or a Wii Zelda title?"

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36T3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

..know what's happening with MINI NINJA'S? Not really sure why, but this game has my full attention. Show SOMETHING at E3 please!

This was just an okay article for me. They didn't mention too much compared to other E3 predictions i have seen.

Green Lantern23344d ago

All i want to see is the 2 exclusive games team ninja is working on for the xbox 360 Dead or Alive Code Cronus and Project Progressive.