Four New Tales of VS. Videos

Four more Tales of VS. videos have been released, two of them being new characters (Shing Meteorite and Yuri Lowell), and the other two (Luke fon Fabre and Richter Abend) having brand-new videos. The game will pit the various Tales of characters in a fighting free-for-all, using their well-known Artes, locations from the different games, and even items from the various games, as well as each character's unique Mystic Arte.

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Kyll3492d ago

Holy crap, that looks as fun as Brawl o_O

Selyah3492d ago

Indeed does look quite cool.

ShawnCollier3492d ago

The gameplay seems like it is pretty decent for a PSP fighter at least.

gwcommander3492d ago

That's some pretty cool gameplay footage!