Play inFamous Right in Your Browser

Sony's inFamous hits the streets next week but you can play a web-version of the game a lot sooner than that.

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Nambassa3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

AWESOME!! looks better than the ps3 version

/sarcasm still it looks decent for a 2d flash game. when does it go live?

Shane Kim3075d ago

You see bots? Sony is thinking of everyone. Even you poor bastards.

KionicWarlord2223075d ago

Funny...Reminds me of Killzone 2 flash game ...

Mr Face Creamer3075d ago

They just saved me 459.99$. It's hard to say whether the this is better or the "real deal".

HBK6193075d ago

I like this type of idea, was the same thing they did for Killzone 2, nifty little thing to get people who are interested but maybe not THAT interested in the game, also good for those who don't actually own a PS3 to get a little taste of what us owners have.

The Lazy One3075d ago

it's really similar to the mirrors edge flash game.

Christopher3075d ago

Controls are wanker - too smooth of movement easily leads to going too far - and pain in the butt that they hide things from you. You have no clue what you're jumping down onto, so you end up having to replay a lot just to memorize where not to jump.

joydestroy3075d ago

compared to the demo, this is pretty lame lol

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The story is too old to be commented.