CVG : Pokémon Platinum review

Rich Stanton from CVG writes:

"Pokémon isn't kids' stuff. When you look past the cards, the cartoon and the Pikachu lunchboxes there's a core game that's one of the most complex and customisable around. Bar the cosmetics, it's also largely unchanged since the series' 1996 beginnings on the original Game Boy, and Pokémon Platinum is just an update of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the games that marked the series' debut on DS almost two years ago.

Chances are if you've been sucked into the phenomenon you've already played something very similar to this. So does it still work? Course it does. It doesn't do to think of Pokémon Platinum as a 'sequel' though."

There's a little too much fluff here (Poffins?!) but this is one of the finest strategy games ever made, wrapped up in a shiny new package and with limitless playtime.

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