The Long, Slow Death March of Atari?

If there is a Rasputin of the video game world, it's Atari.

Like the Russian mystic who, according to legend, survived numerous attempts on his life, the long-time video game publisher keeps finding ways to survive after the video game industry has left it for dead.

About a year ago, the company's star was on the rise. Phil Harrison, a key Sony PlayStation executive, came on board as president of Infogrames. And David Gardner, who ran Electronic Arts' Worldwide Studios, signed on as CEO. Both men are kingpins in the industry and goodwill (and expectations) was suddenly high. The honeymoon, though, has ended.

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Muggles3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )'s sad how far Atari has fallen. The name is still so nostalgic and sentimental to me and brings back so many good memories.