Postmortem: Getting the Degree

Dan Carreker @ Gamecareerguide: "The decision to get a degree in Game Arts and Design was one that came about somewhat unexpectedly. Originally, I had been studying programming at a community college when I had the opportunity to interview at one of the largest video game publishers in the U.S. Gaming had always been a passion of mine and I immediately accepted a QA position when they offered it to me.

The job was fantastic even with its long hours. It took up to five hours a day to get back and forth to work through the Los Angeles bumper-to-bumper traffic, but that was a small sacrifice for the chance to start working in the industry. Soon, I found myself earning more responsibilities, and the opportunity to provide creative input into the development process. Of course, this meant making an even bigger time commitment to the company, and it became obvious that there was no way to continue my schooling and still apply myself fully to the job. I made what was for me an easy decision: I withdrew from my college classes."

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